Rapper Bassagong surrenders to police after his 'voyeur porn' scandal rocked K-HipHop

Rapper Bassagong surrenders to police after his 'voyeur porn' scandal rocked K-HipHop
After apologising for his actions, Rapper Bassagong turned himself in to the police (@bassagong/Instagram)

Seems like a lot has happened in the 'voyeur porn' scandal that had rocked the K-HipHop scene over the last week since its first mention on May 11. It was Kim Sol, the wife of ‘Produce 101’ rapper Don Mills, who first called out an unidentified but well-known rapper for spreading sexual photographs of the women he dates on KakaoTalk chatrooms. Fans were trying to get the affected parties to reveal the identity of the undisclosed rapper because they did not want to support his music. Then, on May 12, rapper Don Mills himself addressed the scandal, asking fans to respect the feelings of the victim who did not wish to blow up the issue or risk her privacy by naming the rapper.

Fans began to back off but due to the unrest caused by the scandal over the week, Rapper Bassagong (aka Kim Jin-woo) took to his Instagram account to admit that he was the assailant in the sex scandal. On May 13, rapper Bassagong, who is part of the Hip-Hop collective Legit Goons, revealed that the recent controversy was his fault, apologizing for his actions. He also assured fans that he was going to repent for his wrongful deeds.


Rapper Bassagong admits to committing sexual offense reported by Don Mills' wife

Don Mills' wife Kim Sol EXPOSES rapper involved in sex scandal


Rapper Bassagong turns himself in for his chatroom scandal

While the rapper did not say much about the issue, he plainly wanted to apologize for his past misconduct. But fans believed that the apology from Bassagong seemed insincere and lacked conviction. Moreover, fans believe that the controversy should not be handled with just an apology because as reported by Kim Sol, the victim was so shocked by Bassagong’s actions that she was on the verge of ending her life. This had fans talking about how his actions nearly ended an innocent's life.

Soon after this, it was announced that Legit Goons, the collective featuring Bassagong had canceled their comeback following the controversy. Fans felt this was a step in the right direction. On May 14, Bassagong again took to his Instagram account to reveal that he went to the cops and turned himself in. He said that he would let the police handle the investigation of his past actions. Bassagong revealed that despite his chat with the victim, she stated that she did not want to press any charges against him.


‘At least he has some shame’

Bassagong reportedly went to the police bureau to atone for the crimes he committed and was willing to co-operate with the investigation. He also ended his message by saying, “I will prevent from repeating my actions by repenting for the rest of my life.” Fans reacted to the most recent development on the issue as one said, “At least he has some shame.. but still trash since he had to got publicly exposed to know it's wrong, before that he was living his life to the fullest not even thinking about the victims. i want to puke i hate men.”

One fan said, “Holy s**ttt, but glad he knows how severe his actions are.” Another fan stated, “Bassagong needs to go to jail wtf oh my god.” One fan said, “Bassagong built himself an image of an artist who works part time multiple times, a dog lover but at the same time doing crime like what the f**k.” One fan said, “Weird seeing so many comments about bassagong hooking up thru dms when that's not the issue it's taking nude photos w/o consent??? like why is ur takeaway "ew disgusting he was flirting with women in dms".... that's not the f**ked up thing about this???”






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