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Rapper Don Mills REFUSES to reveal identity of rapper 'A' accused of sex crimes to protect victim

On May 11, Don Mills’ wife, Kim Sol, exposed the unsavory sexual offences committed by 'A,' who is reportedly a famous and well-known rapper
Rapper Don Mills hopes that fans stop trying to find the identity of the assailant in order to protect the identity of the victim (@donmills1988/Instagram)
Rapper Don Mills hopes that fans stop trying to find the identity of the assailant in order to protect the identity of the victim (@donmills1988/Instagram)

Seems like fans are not getting a conclusion about the issue anytime soon and Rapper Don Mills’ recent statement about the issue around an unnamed rapper’s sexual offense is the reason why. On May 11, Don Mills’ wife, Kim Sol, took to Instagram to expose the deeds of this rapper, who is reportedly a famous artist and well-known in the Korean music industry. Refering to him as "A," she alleged, he had committed heinous sexual crimes against women he was dating. Kim Sol alleged that the rapper would date women after flirting with them over Instagram DMs (personal messages) and eventually film himself having sexual intercourse with them and share the videos online via the platform KakaoTalk.

Kim Sol also alleged that one of the victims was an acquaintance of Rapper Don Mills’ family and was so threatened by the actions of the unnamed rapper that she tried to take her own life. The wife of Don Mills did not expose the rapper's name because she wanted to protect the identity of the victim who is still in fear of being exposed to the public. She also claimed that Rapper A had since apologized to the victim for his actions. But it seems like Knetz as well as international fans of K-pop are not happy about the need to keep fans blindsided.


Rapper Don Mills' wife Kim Sol EXPOSES rapper involved in sex scandal

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Rapper Don Mills shared a message about the sex offense controversy about the famous rapper (@donmills1988/Instagram)

Rapper Don Mills explains plight of victim

Fans claim that they do not wish to support an assailant of sexual offense in any way and if they were ever to listen to Rapper A’s songs, it would mean supporting a sex offender. Now, rapper Don Mills has himself opened up about the situation, in response to requests from fans about exposing Rapper A's identity. On May 12, Don Mills took to his Instagram account to release a statement about the issue. He revealed the fears of the victim to concerned fans. The ‘Produce 101’ mentor intially apologized for causing concern and worry among so many people.

Don Mills stated that the victim is currently in a state of fear of getting exposed to the public and he asked concerned fans to think about the victim’s plight before thinking about supporting the assailant by listening to his songs. Don Mills said, “I think it is right for us to help the victim do what she wants unless the victim herself gives us the permission to talk about the assailant.” The rapper then also addressed the fact that his wife, Kim Sol, by making the issue public, has threatened the safety of his family.

Rapper Don Mills and his wife were called out for protecting the identity of an assailant who could threaten the life of another person after it was first revealed that the victim was going to take her own life. Knetz have also been drawing vague conclusions to zero-in on the identity of Rapper A. This has led to a lot of flack being directed at rappers in general, portraying them in a bad light — a trend that some fans of K-pop find concerning.