Rapper Bassagong admits to committing sexual offense reported by Don Mills' wife

After rapper Don Mills’ wife exposed rapper Bassagong for spreading voyeuristic images of women he dated online, he apologizes

                            Rapper Bassagong admits to committing sexual offense reported by Don Mills' wife
After the sex scandal blew out of proportion, Rapper Bassagong took to Instagram to apologize for his past mistakes and promises to reflect on his actions (@bassagon_; @sol.buddah/Instagram)

Trigger Warning: Mentions of suicide, voyeurism, sexual offense

The K-pop industry has been laden with a lot of controversies regarding sex offenses and voyeurism where multiple former idols were caught leaking photos and videos of their partners having sexual intercourse online via chatrooms. After how the Burning Sun scandal turned out, fans of the genre have been extremely critical of artists that have been involved in such controversies and pledge to stop enabling the artists involved in the scandal by boycotting them. So is the case for the controversy reported by ‘Produce 101’ rapper Don Mills’ wife, Kim Sol.

On May 11, Kim Sol reported that a well-known rapper had leaked NSFW photos of an acquaintance via a KakaoTalk chatroom. The victim then confided in rapper Don Mills and his family because they have been in touch with the assailant for years. As soon as the controversy was revealed, fans started asking Kim Sol and Don Mills to expose the identity of the rapper because fans wished to stop listening to his songs and support him in any way or form.


Don Mills' wife Kim Sol EXPOSES rapper involved in sex scandal

Rapper Don Mills REFUSES to reveal identity of rapper 'A' accused of sex crimes to protect victim


Rapper Bassagong admits to the sex offense

It was later revealed that due to the requests from the victim, out of fear of being exposed, Don Mills gave out a statement on May 12 stating that they wish to keep the matter private as the assailant had already apologized to the victim. Moreover, it was stated that the victim was so traumatized that she attempted to end her life which triggered many fans to get to the bottom of the issue. Fans began investigating and it was revealed that Rapper Bassagong, who has been active in the underground K-HipHop for many years.

A recent video of Bassagong talking about how he met women via Instagram DMs was doing the rounds online which was similar to the way Kim Sol had initially described the assailant met the victim. Fans were quick to draw conclusions as they claimed Bassagong could be the rapper who was involved in this sex scandal but other fans gave him the benefit of doubt when nothing was confirmed from Don Mills and Kim Sol.

On May 13, Rapper Bassagong himself took to his Instagram account to post an apology stating that he realizes his mistakes and is reflecting on them. Bassagong is a rapper who debuted in 2013 under the rap collective, Legit Goons and last released his mini-album, ‘Giraffe’ in 2020. Bassagong said, “I’m sorry for causing trouble. I will apologize and reflect on what I did wrong.”


Kim Sol shared an additional statement

The comments on his post were flooded with angry messages from fans who wanted the rapper to go to jail for causing an innocent individual to attempt suicide. Not only that but when Kim Sol initially exposed the scandal, she also shared an Instagram DM where an acquaintance of another alleged victim of the rapper confirmed that Rapper Bassagong was caught spreading voyeuristic content online without the consent of the victims. This had fans of K-pop fuming who called him a repeat offender and wanted him to retire from the industry in repentance.

Now as Bassagong revealed himself as the assailant in the controversy, Kim Sol has posted an additional statement talking about the issue. Kim Sol clarified that the victim had another conversation with Rapper Bassagong aside from his apology wherein confirmed that he did not circulate anything aside from a couple of photos of the victim in contrast with the claim that said he circulated videos of himself having sexual intercourse with the victim.

Rapper Don Mills' wife Kim Sol releases a new statement about the sex scandal involving Bassagon (@sol.buddah/Instagram)


It was also reiterated that this was the first time it happened and Rapper Bassagong did not do it habitually. Kim Sol also clarified that the DM she had received from an alleged second victim could be ruled out as false because after analyzing the incident, it seems that both cases are unrelated and that there is no proof to link Bassagong to that incident.

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