Don Mills' wife Kim Sol EXPOSES rapper involved in sex scandal

Kim Sol, the wife of 'Produce 101' mentor and rapper Don Mills, exposed a famous rapper for leaking molka photos and videos of women without their consent

                            Don Mills' wife Kim Sol EXPOSES rapper involved in sex scandal
Kim Sol took to Instagram to expose a sex scandal about a famous rapper without revealing his identity (@sol.buddah, @donmills1988/Instagram and Twitter)

Trigger Warning: Mentions of suicide, blackmail, sexual offense

South Korea has had its fair share of sex scandals linked to the entertainment industry and it looks like another one is about to unfurl by the wife of 'Produce 101' mentor and rapper Don Mills. In her most recent Instagram Stories, Kim Sol, the wife of rapper Don Mills, exposed a famous rapper - Rapper A, who has been involved in a sex scandal outside of the public eye.

Kim Sol took to her Instagram on May 10 as she drew a lot of attention to the rapper who was close friends with her husband. Kim Sol exposed the rapper without naming him as she called him out for hooking up with women after chatting with them over Instagram DMs (Direct Messages). She called out the rapper saying, “Do you talk about the things you shot using hidden cameras (aka molkas) and shared it with people?”


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Rapper A accused of leaking photos and videos of women

While molka scandals aka hidden camera scandals are not new to South Korea, this particular issue has fans furious because the rapper in question, who is accused of circulating spy cam videos of women, had allegedly led a woman to try to take her own life. In the post, Don Mills’ wife stated that the photos and videos that Rapper A took were also spread online via the platform KakaoTalk which is why the woman involved in the scandal attempted to take her own life because she was afraid of the consequences of reporting a famous person.

Kim Sol also referenced the Burning Sun scandal linked with the chatroom scandal of a former idol Jung Joon-young, asking Rapper A how he was any different from the convicted sex offender. In the series of posts she shared on Instagram, Kim Sol also shared screenshots of Instagram DMs from friends of other victims of Rapper A who said that the rapper had not turned from his ways and had still been recording women while having sexual intercourse with them without their consent and spreading them online via chatrooms.


Don Mills' wife called out for protecting an alleged sex offender

The post from Kim Sol was later shared on other platforms like Twitter where fans demanded to know the real name of Rapper A who was involved in the sexual offense against many women but as of May 11, the wife of rapper Don Mills has decided not to reveal the name of the rapper to avoid a controversy in which the victim’s name will also be brought up. Kim Sol said, “The victim doesn't want to report it now because she is afraid that her identity will be revealed as she fears more photos and videos featuring her will be shared online.”

She also addressed the people that reached out to her and called her out for not revealing the name of the rapper in question, saying, “I wanted to post about the incident on the internet because I wanted the assailant (Rapper A) to live with the guilt and fear of being exposed.”

She also added that the rapper contacted her and stated that he is apologetic about his actions and will be living with his actions for the rest of his life. While there has been some sort of conclusion to the scandal, K-pop fans are not happy with Kim Sol’s recent statement.


'Quickly expose him and let him disappear'

Fans claim that being apologetic is not the end of this behavior as the rapper risked the life of another human being who was going to end her life. Fans are also unhappy with the way Don Mills’ wife is trying to cover up for the sex offender by not letting him face the consequences of his wrongful actions. One fan said, "I dont think an apology will do." One more fan said, "Apologize won't solve a thing, jail!" One fan said, "Whoops! Quickly expose it and let him die + disappear." Another fan said, "I want him in jail."

One more fan said, "Is it something that can be sorted out by a simple apology?? I don’t think so. And the rapper’s fans who don’t know the truth deserve to know at least what kind of a person he is. So first question is who is he." One more fan said, "I want to know his name. I don't want to listen or even support in any way someone like this." One more fan claimed, "This is sick!! I wanna Whoever this is so I won’t listen to their music." One more fan said, "I think for this kind of criminal case, the name should be dropped/spilled."









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