Is Ramona Singer 'racist'? 'RHONY' fans refuse to buy her 'I'm like a two-year-old' excuse

'Ramona is racist. There. I’ll say it... She too old for this 'I’m like a 2–year-old,' wrote a fan

                            Is Ramona Singer 'racist'? 'RHONY' fans refuse to buy her 'I'm like a two-year-old' excuse
'Real Housewives of New York City' star Ramona Singer (Bravo)

Eboni Williams' intention of hosting a Black Shabbat dinner party to create awareness about the struggles of minorities was a total bust all thanks to OG 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Ramona Singer. Over the years fans have given Ramona a pass despite her many faux pas moments, but her behavior at the Black Shabbat dinner was too much for anybody to let it slide by.

From disregarding the struggles of Blacks and Jews to making everything about herself, Ramona has committed every faux pas imaginable at the Black Shabbat dinner. The previous episode featured Ramona crying about being a victim of discrimination because the Jews in her college were mean to her due to her religion. But Ramona's 'woe is me' attitude reached new heights when she tried to one-up a Black woman's horror story about discrimination and inequalities in the medical system by claiming to be a victim of racism because her 'Black nurse' neglected her. 


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'RHONY' star Ramona Singer (Bravo)


During the dinner party, a Black woman began sharing a story of how her childbirth experience was a harrowing experience where she almost died due to negligence on the part od medical professionals. The woman was trying to make a point about how Black patients are neglected and not treated fairly in medical institutions. When Ramona heard her story instead of acknowledging or just hearing another woman's painful experience, she felt the need to steal the spotlight. So she began sharing her own childbirth story and claimed to be a victim of discrimination too because the nurse who was attending to her didn't give her a painkiller although she requested for one. Ramona also added that her nurse was a Black woman. 

Fans were horrified on hearing Ramona's claims of being a victim of discrimination. A fan tweeted, "I am not saying that a racial reckoning shouldn’t happen on this show. But I don’t think I can watch Ramona continue to one-up Black people and tell them their stories are irrelevant anymore. @ramonasinger you HAVE to stop. You are making this show unwatchable. #rhony." "So cool - Ramona interrupts a woman’s birth story to interject about how a black nurse mistreated her. I’m about f***ing done with this show. #RHONY," added a fan. Another fan wrote, "Ramona is racist and she’s the kind of racist we face every day. She’s an everyday racist. #RHONY."




'RHONY' star Ramona Singer (Bravo)


When Ramona was called out by her co-stars for her insensitivity she defended herself by claiming to be like a '2-year-old' child. Ramona ahs been using the same excuse for years and fans are tired of hearing it. A fan shared, "Ramona is racist. There. I’ll say it. #RHONY and the fact that nobody calls her on her sh*t. She too old for this “I’m like a 2–year-old.” "Not even 20 minutes into RHONY and Ramona has been antisemitic, racist, and made fun of gender pronouns. Her excuse: "I'm like a two year old." & "I need to be more filtered." Bravo, @BravoTV producers, for the Ramona-being-awful flashback montage! #RHONY #Jewish #Bravo," pointed out a fan. 





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