Ramona Singer sings Luann de Lesseps' Christmas song, 'RHONY' fans call it a 'nightmare'

Ramona Singer decided to help Luann de Lesseps raise money for charity by singing, but unfortunately her singing left 'RHONY' fans in splits

                            Ramona Singer sings Luann de Lesseps' Christmas song, 'RHONY' fans call it a 'nightmare'
Ramona Singer sings on 'Real Housewives of New York City' (Bravo)

From giving us her iconic 'turtle time dance moves' to her incredible delusions of grandeur, 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Ramona Singer has consistently managed to entertain fans just with her mere presence on the popular reality show. 

Ramona is a woman of many talents, but unfortunately, singing isn't one of them. The OG housewife gave fans a peek of her singing skills, and fans were left feeling unimpressed yet amused by it. While we are all familiar with the shouting and screaming among the 'RHONY' stars, fans also got a sample of what these ladies sound like when they sing when they all decided to help their fellow housewife Luann de Lesseps.


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Lu roped in the ladies to help her record a Christmas song for charity. The housewife wanted to give the proceeds from the song to the Fortune Society, an organization that helps women rebuild their lives after being released from prison. Lu's beautiful gesture soon opened a can of worms that the fans weren't ready for. Ramona and Sonja Morgan were very enthusiastic about singing and couldn't wait to record. Although Sonja could sing she, unfortunately, kept fumbling the lyrics as she couldn't remember them. On the other hand, Ramona couldn't sing to save her life but could remember every lyric.

Ramona's hilarious vocals left fans amused as she crooned to 'All I want for Christmas'. Several fans took to Twitter to critique Ramona's vocals. A fan tweeted, "Ramona singing is everyone’s nightmare. #RHONY." "Ramona can’t sing and Sonja can’t get the lyrics right this song is a hot mess. #RHONY," wrote a fan. Another fan commented, "They are not trying to have thee most tone deaf housewife sing on a song? Ramona cldn't carry a note if it were tied to her hands and super glued to her finger tips. #RHONY."





Some fans were however very amused by Ramona's singing and joked about it. A fan shared, "Ramona singing should cement her tenure on housewives for the rest of eternity, I’m crying #RHONY." "Everything we have endured this season has been worth it for this moment of Ramona Singer...singing #rhony," added a fan. "I can’t wait to hear this Xmas song. I almost guarantee Ramona, Leah & Sonja will sound like nails on a chalk board. But anything for charity. Can’t wait to download this song during the holidays with fruitcake. #RHONY," expressed a fan.




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