Hanbin from 'I-land' leaves BeLift Lab for Yuehua, here's what K-pop star will do next

Hanbin will be joining Yuehua Entertainment which has a number of partnerships with some of the most famous entertainment companies in South Korea

                            Hanbin from 'I-land' leaves BeLift Lab for Yuehua, here's what K-pop star will do next
Hanbin is leaving BeLift Lab to join Yuehua Entertainment (Twitter/Hanbin)

Hanbin who shot to fame after appearing in the popular K-pop survival show 'I-Land' has decided to leave BeLift Lab, the label jointly made by HYBE (home of BTS, TXT, and more) and CJ ENM, they revealed in a brief statement. Hanbin also took to Twitter to speak to fans and thank them for the constant support that they have poured. Read on to know what the K-pop star will do next.

On June 2, BeLift Lab released a statement breaking the news of the 23-year-old K-pop trainee leaving the label. It read, "We would like to announce that Hanbin has departed BELIFT LAB to begin a new journey. Our company has been discussing with Hanbin his dreams and goals for a considerable amount of time. After careful deliberation, Hanbin made the decision to begin forging a new future for himself. We will always cherish the time we were able to share with Hanbin and will continue to cheer him on for his next journey. We ask that you please keep showing him your interest and love."


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Hanbin leaves BeLift Lab (Hanbin Twitter)

What will Hanbin do next?

Hanbin will be joining Yuehua Entertainment, a privately-held Chinese multinational entertainment group and talent agency that is currently based in Beijing. Yuehua Entertainment has a number of partnerships with some of the most famous entertainment companies of South Korea including Pledis Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and SM Entertainment. With Hanbin joining Yuehua, will he be making an entry with the K-pop moguls? 

Apart from K-pop, Yuehua is also involved in television production and distribution, movie production which have made fans hopeful to see Hanbin taking on more opportunities and perhaps TV exposure which will only help in adding his already increasing popularity. After I-Land's exit, Hanbin participated in the HYBE artists concert '2021 New Year's Eve Live presented by Weverse' on December 31, and fans couldn't swoon enough of the charisma he exuded. 

Hanbin will be joining Yuehua Entertainment (Hanbin Twitter)

Hanbin's message

On June 2, Hanbin tweeted, "Hello, I'm Hanbin. Were you surprised by the news announced today? It was a decision that I made after thinking a lot about what kind of choices I should make to achieve my dream. Thank you so much for being with us, and please cheer for our new start in YUEHUA!" Hanbin fans flooded his social media with warm comments of support which made the former I-land contestant trend on Twitter in no time. A fan said, "He's got a higher chance of debuting in Yuehua than in belift because Yuehua hadn't had any group debuts recently unlike belift." Another fan said, "Let's fight together for the debut dream, Hannie always supporting you!"

A fan posted a heart-touching comment writing, "Hi Hanbin. I just woke up and read the news. I am trying to figure out how to feel or what to say to you. There is only one thing: Wherever you go, Hannie will go with you. Remember? We are always by your side Be happy, rest and keep training. Hannie loves you always.!" 






Hanbin who was one of the most popular contestants of 'I-Land' delivered a stunning performance in '2021 New Year's Eve Live'. Check out the performance below.