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The New York City Police Department, officially the City of New York Police Department, established on May 23, 1845. It is one of the largest enforcement agency in the United States.

'Elsbeth' Episode 1 Sneak Peek: Elsbeth Tascioni uncovers Alex Modarianher's labyrinth of deception

CBS' new show 'Elsbeth' dives into the life of an attorney, Elsbeth Tascioni, who joins the NYPD as a consent decree
Mar 1, 2024

'They have zero respect for anyone': Outrage as pro-Palestinian protesters clash with police near NYC's Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

Chaos broke out at Rockefeller Center's annual tree lighting ceremony on Wednesday, November 29, when demonstrators clashed with NYPD officers
Nov 30, 2023

NYPD officers resign in unprecedented numbers amid cancelation of next five Police Academy classes

The department’s pension data show that a total of 2,516 NYPD cops have returned their badges this year
Nov 25, 2023

'Why bring it up now?': Internet reacts as NYC mayor Eric Adams denies 1993 sexual assault allegations

The woman filed the lawsuit in Manhattan on Wednesday, November 22, alleging Adams sexually assaulted her in 1993 when he was a NYPD cop
Nov 24, 2023

Who was Kamari Hampton? Outrage as NYPD tow truck driver fatally hit 7-year-old after running red light

Witnesses on the scene reported that the driver was allegedly using her cellphone, driving at excessive speed, and had run a red light
Oct 27, 2023

Kavion Brown Godfrey: NY teen who jumped into river on a dare still missing amid calls for widening search

The distraught parents of Kavion Brown Godfrey has called on NYPD to widen the search
Oct 25, 2023

Who is Grace Rosa Baez? 'Proud' NYPD cop busted for selling 'top quality' heroin while on duty

Grace Rosa Baez was arrested alongside Cesar Martinez and charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics and distribution of narcotics
Oct 22, 2023

'It's a riot, not a protest': Internet backs NYPD after footage of cops 'attacking' #FreePalestine protesters goes viral

On October 21, 2023, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge neighborhood, leading to tense confrontations with the NYPD
Oct 22, 2023

Who is Irene Tsakos? Slain NYPD detective Anastasios Tsakos' widow breaks down as paramedic describes his grisly injuries at trial

Anastasios Tsakos was allegedly killed by Jessica Beauvais, who slammed into him with her car while under the influence of drugs and alcohol
Oct 18, 2023

Who was Roy T Richter? Former NYPD union boss, 56, found dead at his home on wife's birthday

According to the Westchester Medical Examiner’s Office, Roy T Richter died from an 'intra-oral gunshot wound'
Oct 4, 2023

Where is Lenue Moore? NYPD hunts for man who shot dead neighbor and her friend while they were walking their dog

The victims were identified as Moore's next-door neighbor, Jacqueline Billini, 57, and Levaugh Harvin, 42
Oct 4, 2023

Who was Azalea Rivas? Brooklyn mom and daughter, 14, found dead in their apartment with 'blood everywhere'

The NYPD said in a statement that Azalea Rivas’ body was found in the living room with a slash across her face
Sep 26, 2023

Who owns Knightscope? NYPD rents security robot for '$9 per hour' to patrol Times Square subway station

NYPD has deployed the surveillance robot to monitor the Times Square subway station over the holidays
Sep 24, 2023

'The Purge starts': Outrage erupts after Eric Adams cuts NYPD overtime to pay for migrants

Eric Adams has announced the move to cut NYPD overtime to resolve the ongoing migrant crisis
Sep 11, 2023

'Cooler killer': BLM wants criminal charges brought against cop who 'killed' Eric Duprey

'You call him an NYPD cop. We call him the 'Cooler Killer',' Hawk Newsome, co-founder of BLM Greater NY, said
Aug 27, 2023

Who is Erik Duran? NYPD cop suspended after fatally throwing cooler at drug dealer fleeing on scooter

Sergeant Duran, who was working undercover in the Bronx Narcotics Division, was conducting a buy-and-bust operation at the time of the incident
Aug 25, 2023

Who was Eric Duprey? Suspect dies after NYPD sergeant throws a cooler at him during drug bust

Eric Duprey was fleeing a drug bust on a motorcycle and the cooler caused him to crash ultimately resulting in his death
Aug 24, 2023

Who is Gina Mestre? Former NYPD officer accused of warning gangbanger boyfriend about federal investigation

The charges against Gina Mestre involved revealing the identity of a key witness and assisting gang leader Andrew 'Caballo' Done in avoiding charges related to a murder case
Aug 17, 2023

Who is Philip Sanzano? Man who died in bizarre boat crash that left vessel lodged in deck of LI home identified as NYPD cop

Philip Sanzano and Christopher Cannella were the two occupants of the ill-fated boat accident
Aug 12, 2023

What is Austin Majors' official cause of death? ‘NYPD Blue’ star who played Theo Sipowicz was 27

Austin Majors was staying at a homeless housing facility in Los Angeles when he, as per a source, ingested a fatal amount of the synthetic opioid
Aug 8, 2023