Will Playboy Carti pull a Kanye West with ‘Narcissist’? Fans say it's 'bad influence’

Fans got more impatient over the weekend after the 25-year-old rapper tweeted the title of the album without revealing other details of the project

                            Will Playboy Carti pull a Kanye West with ‘Narcissist’? Fans say it's 'bad influence’
Playboi Carti (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

We clearly remember how hip-hop fans begged Kanye West to drop his 10th studio record ‘Donda’ before he finally did after three mega album listening events. It now looks like Playboi Carti got heavily influenced by his frequent collaborator as he is continuously teasing his fans with his third studio album ‘Narcissist’ but is not shedding light on the official release date.

Hip-hop fans got more impatient over the weekend after the 25-year-old rapper tweeted the title of the album. And, yes, that was it. There were no details of the release date or the cover art or the tracklist and not even a hint about featured artists. His latest tweet comes after he had shared two pictures of him posing with Kanye West a week ago. The duo was apparently decked up in the ‘Narcissist’ merchandise which is supposed to go on sale soon. Social media users thronged to Twitter slamming Carti for not dropping the album and also wondered if he was going to pull off a stunt like Kanye did with ‘Donda’.
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Playboi Carti's cryptic pics titled ‘Narcissist’ has fans wondering if it's an album

Playboi Carti performs at the 2019 Governors Ball Festival at Randall's Island on June 01, 2019, in New York City. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)


Will Playboy Carti pull a Kanye with his new album?

Playboy Carti seems to be following the footsteps of Kanye West. The ‘Miss the Rage’ hitmaker was first supposed to drop his third album on his birthday i.e. September 13. However, he disappointed his fans with no new songs insight on the streaming platforms. Also, we need to remind you that Carti has already announced the ‘Narcissist’ tour that commences on October 14 and concludes on December 23, 2021. Ideally, the rapper should drop the album very soon.  

Taking to his Twitter over the weekend, the Atlanta rap star simply posted the title of the album “Narcissist” which further irked the social media users. ‘Narcissist’ will be Playboi Carti’s third studio album and is a follow-up to his 2020 critically and commercially acclaimed second full-length project called ‘Whole Lotta Red’. Carti had also invited Kanye West on the song ‘Go2DaMoon’ for the same project and the latter returned the favor when Carti hopped on West’s song ‘Junya’ from the album ‘Donda’. The title ‘Narcissist’ apparently comes from Carti’s fallout with his former rapper girlfriend Iggy Azalea when the latter had dubbed him with the same title after a holiday spat.

Kanye West speaks onstage at the "Kanye West and Steven Smith in Conversation with Mark Wilson" on November 07, 2019, in New York City. (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)





‘Kanye a bad influence on Carti’, claims Twitter

Social media users did not hesitate at all to express their frustration over Carti teasing and not dropping the album. “Kanye a bad influence on carti mother**ker won't drop an album like this”, claimed one as another warned the rapper, “Drop the album stop tryna copy and blue ball us like kanye.” Another individual tweeted, “Today marks two full calendar weeks since the biggest let down of my life, after Playboi Carti announced narcissist; i, like every other carti stan, hoped for the best with an album in mind, and at the very least a single. but no, Playboi carti decided to let us down once again.”
Meanwhile, one user got furious and posted, “Droppppppppp i want this f**king album carti.” The next one added, “What does this mean carti. I need answers. Does this mean it’s confirmed? Does it mean you’re dropping it? Carti I cant do this anymore. I just cant. Give us answers Jordan Terrell Carter. We all want the album. Give us narcy warcy. Im creaming as I type. I cant do this anymore.” One stated, “Carti lied about the album release date again I wish him nothing but the worst.” Another said, “@playboicarti were album we starving  out here.” And, one chimed in and said, “Drop or i will be forced to ratio you.” While, one annoyed hip-hop fan concluded, “Carti really gonna tweet the album title and disappear for another month.”

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