'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Will Seok-Kyung change? Here's why Su-ryeon might save her

Seok-Kyung might have her own redemption arc now, at last

                            'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Will Seok-Kyung change? Here's why Su-ryeon might save her
Han Ji-Hyun as Joo Seok-Kyung in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (Instagram/sbsdrama.official)

With every passing episode, the hype for what will happen in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' is as real as it gets. But, with unexpected twists and turns, it's hard to tell just what might happen next.

'Penthouse 3: War in Life' definitely sheds more light on certain characters' pasts, which has allowed most fans to piece together the motives behind their actions. One of the most interesting reveals this season has been of Dan-tae's (Uhm Ki-Joon) past. Fans now know that his real name is Baek Joon-ki and that he stole the identity of Dan-tae from the son of his former employer/partner, who adopted the name Joon-ki (On Joo-wan).


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It was also revealed that he wants to destroy Su-ryeon's (Lee Ji-Ah) family because when he was younger, his mother and his sister died at the hands of Su-ryeon's father's construction workers. Dan-tae's actions have impacted the people around him, especially his children Joo Seok-Hoon (Kim Young-Dae) and Joo Seok-Kyung (Han Ji-Hyun). But the way both siblings have reacted to his behaviour is rather interesting.

While Seok-Kyung was all too happy to betray her mother and work alongside her father, Seok-Hoon is now on Dan-tae's side, but only for revenge. When he realized that his own father killed Yoon-hee (Eugene), he felt responsible for his sins and even broke up with Ro-na (Kim Hyun-Soo) because of it. 

However, Seok-Kyung had no guilt whatsoever and still hates Su-ryeon because she believes her life was ruined after Su-ryeon had her expelled for bullying. Therefore, she continues to be a horrible bully, like her father. 



Seok-Kyung strongly believes that all she needs is her father, Dan-tae and has his support and money. She even believes him when he says he's sending her to Italy for studies. However, as per the ending of Episode 7 and preview of Episode 8, fans find out that this is far from the truth, and it looks like Seok-Kyung is now in a juvenile detention center of sorts.

The girls here are rough and hardened and don't care for her attitude, money or status, and by the looks of it, Seok-Kyung is now on the receiving end of the bullying. Seok-Kyung tries to defend herself but is completely outnumbered. It won't be long until these students gang up on her entirely and break her spirit. However, there might be some hope for Seok-Kyung — Su-ryeon has now found out that she is her biological daughter. There is a good chance that Su-ryeon will save Seok-Kyung, which could result in her realizing that her past behaviour was wrong and that Dan-tae was using her.

Furthermore, her time at the juvenile detention center and Su-ryeon's love for her might help her become a better person. After being bullied herself, she might realize just how she made others feel, seeing that she almost pushed Je-ni (Jin Ji-Hee) to commit suicide. This will give her time to reflect on her actions and behaviour. Fans might even see her help her mother take down Dan-tae once and for all.

What do you think? Will Seok-Kyung finally learn the truth? Will Su-ryeon save her daughter? Tell us in the comments below! 

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