'Penthouse 3: War in Life' Episode 6: Will Eun-byeol reveal the truth behind Yoon-hee's murder?

Eun-byeol is the only eyewitness to the crime her mother committed. But will she confess the truth in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life'?

                            'Penthouse 3: War in Life' Episode 6: Will Eun-byeol reveal the truth behind Yoon-hee's murder?
Kim So-yeon as Seo-jin and Choi Ye-bin as Eun-byeol as seen in in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (Instagram/ sbsdrama.official)

One of the biggest villains on 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' apart from Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon), seems to be Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) this season. After she pushes Yoon-hee (Eugene) to her death, it's hard to understand her motivation. However, this episode might reveal the truth behind it all, seeing that Seo-jin saved Logan Lee's (Park Eun-Seok) life.

It was absolutely shocking to see Seo-jin push Yoon-hee to her death, especially since she saved her daughter, Eun-byeol (Choi Ye-Bin) from the clutches of Boon-hong, who has been emotionally and physically abusing Eun-byeol. Boon-hong has gotten delusional too and also keeps telling Eun-byeol that she is her mother. When Eun-byeol finally tries to escape, Boon-hong kidnaps her and goes to Dan-tae for help. Luckily Yoon-hee saves her just in time, even though it leads to her own death at the hands of Seo-jin. The truth about Yoon-hee's death remains a mystery until Eun-byeol awakens in the hospital and confronts Seo-jin, revealing that she knows the truth about the murder. If you're looking for other engaging K-drama titles to check out, you might want to consider 'Mad for Each Other,' 'Nevertheless,' and 'Mine'.


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Seo-jin tells her that she did it all for her, which leads to Eun-byeol having a complete meltdown in the process. She repeatedly begs Seo-jin to drug her like last time so she can forget all of this. Eun-byeol and Ro-na had finally buried the hatchet and it made matters worse for her to learn that her mother killed Ro-na's mother led to a manic episode.

Eun-byeol seems like she wants to reveal the truth, but unfortunately, she is not free from the clutches of Boon-hong, who visits her in the hospital and drug her while she is asleep, causing her to forget everything. When Ro-na comes to the hospital and asks her to report the crime to the police, Eun-byeol insults her, having lost her memory due to the drug.

Ro-na attacks her with Boon-hong breaking up the fight and threatening to call the cops. Seeing that Eun-byeol has now forgotten everything, Boon-hong even threatens Seo-jin to stay away from 'her' daughter.

When all hope seems to be lost for Ro-na, there might just be one last chance to bring her mother's murderer's to justice. When Je-ni (Jin Ji-Hee) reveals to her mother Ma-ri (Shin Eun-Kyung) that Ro-na was the one that saved her from suicide and that Dan-tae killed Yoon-hee, she promises to end Dan-tae herself and joins forces with Su-ryeon. The two of them are determined to bring him to justice, however for Su-ryeon, going to the police is not the solution, she believes that it is now up to her to take Dan-tae down on her own.

What do you think? Can Su-ryeon fight Dan-tae with Ma-ri's help? Will Eun-byeol recover mentally? Sound off in the comments below


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