'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Seo-jin playing a double game, new theory shines light on motive

'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Seo-jin playing a double game, new theory shines light on motive
Kim So-Yeon as Seo-jin in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (Instagram/ sbsdrama.official)

Just when fans began to have faith in Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) as a character, she seems to have gone ahead and done something that flips the script entirely. This is what makes her such a compelling and complex character on 'Penthouse 3: War in Life'.

Although she was the one who killed Yoon-hee (Eugene), she was also Logan Lee's (Park Eun-Seok) savior. But it turns out, the connection between Yoon-hee and Seo-jin isn't over yet. If you're looking for other engaging K-drama titles to check out, you might want to consider 'Mad for Each Other,' 'Nevertheless,' and 'Mine'.


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Finding out that Seo-jin was the person who saved Logan Lee came as the ultimate shock to fans, especially seeing that she was the one to push Yoon-hee to her death. While there have been several theories going around about her having saved Yoon-hee, this seems rather unlikely. But now, an interesting fan theory points out that Seo-jin saving Logan ties back to Yoon-hee.

Seo-jin's hate for Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon) is not surprising - he took her wealth and her daughter away from her, and now, she wants nothing but to bring him down. Fan have seen her plot and plan, but there has never been clarity regarding her schemes and whose side she is truly on.

However, YouTuber Drama Hyung happens to have an interesting theory about what Seo-jin is up to. As they explain it, Seo-jin's end game is possibly destroying Dan-tae, and ever since she got her freedom back, she has been keeping tabs on him. This ultimately led to Logan Lee being on her lookout as well. When Seo-jin realised the lengths Logan was going to get Joon-Ki (On Joo-Wan) to South Korea, she knew he would be an essential part in her plan and thus kept a watch on him.

What happens next is revealed in the series - Seo-jin knew of Dan-tae's plan to kill Logan and save him and fake his death. While she kept Logan alive, he was more of a pawn that she could use later. Seo-jin's goal has always been the Cheong A Arts Centre, and when Yoon-hee proved that she was the rightful director of the centre as she had the most shares, Seo-jin saw red. But she decided to play it smart and barter Logan for Yoon-hee's shares.


This would have gone according to plan, but during Eun-byeol's (Choi Ye-Bin) kidnapping, it's possible that Seo-jin had a moment of weakness and jealously, which led her to kill Yoon-hee, despite working together. The theory states that with her guilt eating her up on the inside, Seo-jin decides to see her last deal with Yoon-hee through and keep Logan alive, so that he can take down Dan-tae. If this theory is true, it helps redeem Seo-jin's character.

What do you think? What was the actual reason behind Seo-jin's actions? Sound off in the comments below!

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