'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Fans heartbroken over Ro-na and Seok-hoon's breakup

Just when Ro-na was getting over the death of her mother, Seok-hoon's guilt ruins their love story

                            'Penthouse 3: War in Life': Fans heartbroken over Ro-na and Seok-hoon's breakup
Ro-na played by Kim Hyun-Soo and Seok-hoon played by Kim Young-Dae in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (Instagram/@sbsdrama.official)

For fans of 'Penthouse 3: War in Life', episode seven was definitely a satisfying one, even though it did come with one of the season's biggest heartbreaks. If you ship Ro-na (Kim Hyun-Soo) and Seok-Hoon (Kim Young-Dae), we have some terrible news - the couple has broken up.

It was definitely hard to watch, seeing that Ro-na was finally recovering from her mother Yoon-hee's (Eugene) death, and was on a path to avenging her and fulfilling her dreams. If you're looking for other engaging K-drama titles to check out, you might want to consider 'Mad for Each Other,' 'Nevertheless,' and 'Mine'.


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Seok-hoon, who has always been on his mother Su-ryeon's (Lee Ji-Ah) side, had a hard time believing that his father Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-Joon) was a murderer, who killed Logan Lee (Park Eun-Seok) and Yoon-hee. But when he hears a conversation between Dan-tae and Boon Hong, he breaks down, seeing that he now truly believes that his father's sins are his own.

So when Su-ryeon finally corners Dan-tae and nearly kills him, he is saved by none other than Seok-hoon. Dan-tae tells his son that his mother is the one lying here and that if he sides with him, he will give him whatever he wants. Seok-hoon agrees, and out of the guilt he now bears, in a shocking turn of events, breaks up with Ro-na. 

Fans were upset with the turn of events and Seok-hoon blaming himself for something that was not his fault. "Penthouse's cctv and hearing spy, why does he always have to hear the things that he shouldnt and then take the blame on himself #Penthouse3Ep7 #PenthouseS3Ep7," tweeted a fan. 

"Noo why is seokhoon taking the blame for his fathers wrong doing he knew his father killed yoonhee and felt bad so he decided to breakup with rona omg my heart #Penthouse3Ep7 #PenthouseS3Ep7," said another. 




Fans also felt like their break-up was a terrible decision seeing that Ro-na needs him as her strength, now more than ever. "The scene that should actually be deleted skdjks omg my heart he really didnt have to do that #Penthouse3Ep7 #PenthouseS3Ep7," said a fan. "Why are you hurting rona like this seokhoon you are supposedto be in her side #Penthouses3Ep7," added another. 




The most surprising part was that he was now helping Dan-tae, but fans are convinced that Seok-hoon is out to get his own revenge, for Ro-na's sake. 
"JOO SEOKHOON???!??!? my believe is that he is pretending to be on jdt's side and also plotting his own revenge with his guilt towards rona. I hope its all part of the plan. please the character downfall is not needed skjdksskks #Penthouse3Ep7 #PenthouseS3Ep7," said a fan.


This officially adds Seok-hoon to the list of people who want to get rid of Dan-tae. However, this might be a little more complicated than it seems, seeing that everyone wants to be the one to end him themselves, which in its own twisted way, allows Dan-tae to escape by the skin of his teeth.

What do you think? Will Seok-hoon be the one to end Dan-tae? Will it be Ro-na, Su-ryeon or Logan? Or will someone else kill him first? Sound off in the comments below!