'Penthouse 3: War in Life' Episode 5: Fans go gaga over Kim Hyun-soo's performance as Ro-na

While the death of Eugene's character Yoon-hee shocked everyone, fans were amazed by Hyun-soo's performance

                            'Penthouse 3: War in Life' Episode 5: Fans go gaga over Kim Hyun-soo's performance as Ro-na
Kim Hyun-soo as Ro-na as seen in 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' (SBS)

For 'Penthouse 3: War in Life' fans, this season has proved to be the most intense one yet. With Dan-tae's (Um Ki-joon) secret coming to light that he is Baek Jun-gi, a lot is at stake now, and he'll stop at nothing to eliminate anyone who stands in his path. Su-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah), on the other hand, after Logan's (Park Eun-seok) death, is on a warpath of her own. Among all this chaos and in the hunt for the truth, Su-ryeon realizes that there is truly only one person she trusts — Yoon-hee (Eugene). 

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In the previous episode, fans saw Ms Jin pushing it too far with her abuse of Eun-byeol, as she attacks her at school. Ro-na (Kim Hyun-soo) and Seok-hoon stop her and when they find out about Eun-byeol's torture and trauma, they hatch a plan to help her escape. However, Seok-kyung, who is now completely on her father Dan-tae's side, ruins their plans by informing Ms Jin.

Ms Jin kidnaps Eun-byeol and goes to Dan-tae for help. However, Yoon-hee manages to find her just in time and tries to save her. But for Dan-tae, he is now presented with the perfect opportunity to kill Yoon-hee, seeing that she knows the truth about Su-ryeon's biological child and also has access to all of Logan's money. Thus, although she manages to save Eun-byeol, she is unable to save herself. As a result, Yoon-hee dies in the episode.

Watching Yoon-hee's death and the funeral was truly hard. It was exceptionally difficult for Su-ryeon and Ro-na, as the former lost her friend and the latter lost her mother. Fans were left in shock and disbelief over her death and took to Twitter to talk about the same.

"all i wish is for suryeon to stay strong bc she had been through a lot of pain since s1. this is a complete torture  #Penthouse3 #Penthouse3Ep5" tweeted a fan.

"the way this child NEVER had a single good year throughout her teenage years truly breaks my heart (in s1 she was a freshman in hs and now in s3 she is a senior in hs) and now she lost her one and only family she have depended on her entire life #penthouse3ep5" added another.

"Mom i'm here, Rona's here" "Mom where are you? Mom where did you go?" i hate it here ROHEE  #Penthouse3Ep5" said a fan. "Suryeon lost the one person she trusted, her bestfriend, the only one who paid for her sins. Kim sun Ok you really are brutal #Penthouse3Ep5" tweeted another. 








Although watching Yoon-hee's funeral taking place was not easy, fans couldn't help but accept that Hyun-soo did a fantastic job as Ro-na in this episode. 

"BEST ACTRESS ENERGY!!!!! SHE'S PROVING HER ACTING SKILLS THIS EPISODE. GO, HYEON SOO! #Penthouse3Ep5" tweeted a fan. "#Penthouse3Ep5 She's not nominated for Young Actress for nothing Kim Hyunsoo Everyone." added another.

"kim hyeonsoo really deserves the fame she is getting now. at a young age, she can really act well to the point that she can make us cry too:(( #Penthouse3Ep5" agreed a fan. 




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