K-drama 'Mine' Episode 5: Why does Hee-soo want Ha-hoon's biological mother Ja-Kyeong to stay back?

'Mine', the tvN K-drama that is available to stream on Netflix, is a thriller set in the upper echelons of a Korean conglomerate family

                            K-drama 'Mine' Episode 5: Why does Hee-soo want Ha-hoon's biological mother Ja-Kyeong to stay back?
Lee Bo-young as Hee-soo in 'Mine' (tvN)

'Mine' Episode 4 revealed how Ja-kyeong (Ok Ja-yeon) is the biological mother of Ha-joon (Jeong Hyun-jun). Initially, Hee-soo (Lee Bo-young) is not aware of this. But she deduces the truth by the end of the episode. What tips her off is the way Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook) acts when it comes to the matter of firing Ja-kyeong, which ends up getting on her nerves. But it is only when her son Ha-joon laments about her firing his tutor does she understand how much Ja-kyeong's presence had pervaded their lives.

She asks the trainer who took care of her son's horse riding lessons at the time when Ja-kyeong had saved Ha-joon and it all finally clicks into place. She realizes who Ja-kyeong is and ends up returning home in time to stop Ja-kyeong from packing up and leaving. What does Hee-soo plan on doing now? Can she really face her husband who has begun cheating on her with Ja-kyeong? There are so many questions that need to be answered. But in every episode, the series just shows another way in which Hee-soo is getting toyed with. 


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In Episode 5 of 'Mine', we see Hee-soo confront her husband about the death of Ha-joon's mother. She asks him if the woman is really dead but Ji-yong seems ready to bluff his way out of this confrontation as well. But will he succeed though? There is also the matter of the goodwill charm necklace that Ja-kyeong gives Ha-joon, which can serve as further proof that Ji-yong and Ja-kyeong are involved. He also revealed in the previous episode that Ha-joon's mother used to be his trainer for his horse riding classes. From the direction in which the show is headed, it seems like Ji-yong planned Ja-kyeong's entry into his family as well.  

A still of Ja-kyeong and Ji-yong in 'Mine'. (tvN)

Hee-soo reminds Ji-yong how he had fired the previous tutor over a very small issue when he tries to convince her to not fire Ja-kyeong. Even the way he gave up the position of leading their company when his father was sick is something that Hee-soo did not understand but it is now clear that Ja-kyeong had something to do with that decision too. 

Lee Hyun-wook as Ji-yong in 'Mine'. (tvN)

Above it all, Hee-soo might also be fooled by the woman who she confides in about life and that is none other than Mother Emma (Ye Soo-jung). At an opportune moment when Hee-soo is just about to witness her husband cheating on her with Ja-kyeong in a public place, Mother Emma interrupts Hee-soo. This indicates that she might not have Hee-soo's best interests at heart. This scene, in combination with that of Mother Emma taking care of Ji-yong's father, has us wondering if she is actually Ji-yong's mother. Why else would she want to protect Ji-yong? And finally, this episode has us wondering if the dead body at the beginning of the episode belonged to Ja-kyeong. 

'Mine' episode will stream on Netflix on Saturdays and Sundays and will air in South Korea on tvN

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