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'Mad for Each Other' Finale: Do Hwi-oh and Min-kyung find happiness?

Curious to know if Hwi-oh and Min-kyung finally get their happy ending? Keep reading to find out!
'Mad for Each Other' finale was a fitting ending (Instagram/ kakaotv.official)
'Mad for Each Other' finale was a fitting ending (Instagram/ kakaotv.official)

The wait is finally over for all the 'Mad for Each Other' fans, seeing that the series finale is here. It's a bittersweet moment - while we are all curious to know what happens between Hwi-oh and Min-kyung, it's also hard to say goodbye to a K-drama that's gone beyond just being a romance - it also addresses mental health, trauma, relationships and assault.

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The final episode of the series opens with Hwi-oh making a giant drug bust, seeing that he finally catches Kang and his gang after finding their location. He takes on Kang on his own, but is able to subdue him until the cops arrive. His friends are thrilled to see that he managed to catch Kang - this could mean that the assault charges by Seon-ho might be pardoned, and he'll get his job back as a detective.

However, during this conversation, his friends reveal that he might get his job sooner than expected. Min-kyung visited the police precinct earlier and made her intentions known - she would withdraw her assault lawsuit against Seon-ho if he dropped the charges against Hwi-oh. Upon learning this, Hwi-oh is livid and worried about Min-kyung's safety and rushes to find her while tracking her phone.


Min-kyung meets Seon-ho in a coffee shop where they both sign the agreement. He begs for her to come back, but she gets ready to leave. He falls to his knees and begs for her to listen to his side of the story. She stays while reminding him of all the things he did to hurt her and says that she doesn't forgive him even though she accepts the apology. As she gets up to leave for a second time, she feels dizzy, falls back into her seat, and soon realises that Seon-ho has drugged her coffee.

Hwi-oh rushes to the coffee shop, but the two have already left. He soon begins to track them down in his car and finds them, resulting in a wild car chase. Hwi-oh eventually cuts Seon-ho on the road and gets out of his car, demanding that he opens the door. Seon-ho begins to drive away, and Hwi-oh climbs atop the car's hood to stop him.

Seon-ho eventually crashes the car, which sends Hwi-oh flying off. He is injured, but not too bad as he drags himself to check on an unconscious Min-kyung. Seon-ho runs away and flags down a car - which ends up being Hwi-oh's detective colleagues who promptly handcuff him and take him to the police station.

Back in the hospital, Min-kyung is seen by Hwi-oh's bed as he is asleep. He wakes up and tells her that she should do what she was planning on doing, which results in her crawling into bed with him.

They share a tender moment before he gives her a gift - a tiny silver whistle locket. Hwi-oh is more than happy to be discharged from the hospital, but he finds out that Min-kyung has moved out of the next-door flat on returning to his apartment.

He runs to stop her and manages to haul down her moving truck. Min-kyung tells him that she can't date or be in love because of her past, and she definitely can't do so with someone who knows just how ugly it is. Hwi-oh screams for her attention, saying that he will go back to his anger self that beats up everyone, as she walks away before grabbing a man who bumps into him and twisting his arm.

Thinking that he's having another anger episode, Min-kyung rushes to him and tries to stop him, saying that he's not the only one that gets angry, but she did too, especially when she saw how hurt he was. Hwi-oh's expression changes when he hears her confession, which confuses her greatly.

He then urges her to look at the guy he caught, and who happens to be a criminal that he was looking for. She is excited for him, and they both realise that they do love and care for each other while passionately making out, even though Hwi-oh is holding down a criminal!


The series ends with Hwi-oh getting his job back and his mood and behaviour have vastly improved. While he goes back home, he sees a couple walking out of apartment 506, Min-kyung's old apartment. He goes back to 507 and is seen talking to Min-kyung's dog, wondering when she will return to him. He suddenly hears the sound of a whistle, and as he goes outside to see who it is, it is none other than Min-kyung who has returned home.

The series ends with Min-kyung and Hwi-oh finally getting together, implying that they both now stay in 507 as a couple. It's a wholesome end to an otherwise rollercoaster of a K-drama. But if anything, it's great to see these two deserving and very human characters finally find the love they deserve.