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'Pennyworth' Season 3 on HBO Max: How did Martha and Thomas Wayne's relationship progress?

Martha and Thomas Wayne's relationship is like a bottle of wine that only gets better with every passing episode
Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne and Emma Paetz as Martha Wayne in 'Pennyworth' (IMDb)
Ben Aldridge as Thomas Wayne and Emma Paetz as Martha Wayne in 'Pennyworth' (IMDb)

'Pennyworth' has a lot of angles to its story but one angle that fans loved to watch was the blooming relationship between Batman's parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne. As the relationship has not ever been explored, it only gets more interesting for the viewers to see what must have transpired.

In the first two seasons, Alfred becomes a target of the fascist Raven Society, a group conspiring to take over the British government, working against them with American agents of the CIA-affiliated No Name League, Thomas Wayne, and Martha Kane, the future parents of Bruce Wayne, when the sparks fly and a romantic relationship is bloomed between the two. In October 2021, the series moved to HBO Max from Epix for the third season. The third season, marketed with the subtitle 'The Origin of Batman's Butler,' that was released on October 6, 2022. Read more to find out how the relationship blooms between the two. 


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How did Martha and Thomas Wayne's relationship progress?

Thomas becomes Martha's superior not long after she meets with Alfred. The two form an unlikely connection instantly through their work together as members of the No Name League. However, Wayne struggles with having to hide the fact that he is working undercover as a member of the CIA. The relationship becomes more complex when Wayne reveals to Martha - who truly believes in the No Name League - that Undine Thwaite had her husband Julian Thwaite killed in order to gain power within the League. This is a disturbing notion for Martha and shatters the faith that she has both in the League and in Thomas. While his time away after being shot, Thomas ended their relationship without breaking up with her, only mentioning it because he happened to be engaged. He saw how much that hurt Martha. Thomas still had feelings for her. Once available again Thomas' relationship is rekindled.

However, individually, Thomas Wayne is a celebrity billionaire and doctor. He hires Alfred Pennyworth and his security firm to protect him in 1960's London after discovering a criminal conspiracy relating to the Raven Society. Following the discovery, Wayne goes to work for the No Name League along with Martha Kane but is secretly gathering intelligence for the CIA where as, Martha Kane is an American photojournalist and a member of the No Name League who works for newly appointed Thomas Wayne. She carries out all of her assignments for the league in partnership with Alfred Pennyworth, through Pennyworth Security before the two got married.

'Pennyworth' Season 3's new episodes are released every week on Thursdays at 12 am PT/3 am ET.