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'Pennyworth' Season 3 Episode 4 review: Alfie's love life is less DRAMATIC than Wayne family's drama

Alfie Pennyworth stands out to be a knight in shining armor for the Wayne family
UPDATED OCT 14, 2022
Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth in 'Pennyworth' (IMDb)
Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth in 'Pennyworth' (IMDb)

Viewers are often hooked on one series and keep waiting for the new episodes to release and that is the same case with 'Pennyworth' Season 3. It has boggled the viewer's mind from the very beginning as we speak, and from the very beginning, we don't mean the start of season 3's but when the series first aired, back in 2019. It is the first TV series that does not focus on the Wayne family but rather on their butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Fret not, the Wayne family is very much a part of the series and is involved in the main cast.

Jack Bannon's Alfie Pennyworth's story is only getting more interesting with each episode. In the last episode, 'Comply or Die', the fans witnessed stricken with grief, Daveboy (Ryan Fletcher) grappling with his conscience - in a very public way - at the Thistles' funeral. Contending with the secrets and lies between them, Thomas (Ben Aldridge) plans the next steps with his dad, Patrick (Richard Dillane). Read more to find out what exactly happens in this episode of your favorite series. 


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In today's episode, viewers saw Thomas placed under mind control and how he attempted to kill Martha. As the episode starts, Martha is in the hospital under critical condition and Thomas is in Tower of London, which is one of the lenient jails for the people in the high society of London. Patrick, Thomas's father locates Alfie and requests for his help in breaking Thomas out of the Tower of London in exchange for almost a million pounds. Alfie tells Patrick that he thinks Thomas was infected with the same drug that Jessica was under when she killed her parents as shown in episode 3's start.

Soon, Alfie and Daveboy make a plan of breaking Thomas out of the Tower, and throughout the scene, Dave looks like an "absolute t*at" as per Alfie. However, as they break Thomas out, he confesses that he was drugged when he attacked Martha. Fortunately, Alfie believes him but unfortunately, the alarm sets off while the three are still in the building. Virginia goes mad as she hears the news that Martha is alive and that Thomas escaped. She hits Patrick (Thomas's father) out of rage when she figures Patrick was behind Thomas's escape and wants to find out Thomas's location. Post this, Wayne and Alfie go to rescue Martha and get them on the plane which would make Alfie a millionaire but that does not happen. 

Next, Alfie goes to Patrick and Virginia's house to take the money they owed him but Virginia immediately loses her calm as she learns that Patrick made a deal of a million dollars but Thomas ruins the plan as he barges in. When Thomas hits Patrick, the latter confesses how Virginia is his CIA handler and has dirt on him but Virginia outsmarts all of them when she pulls out a gun and keeps them hostage. Alfie turns the tables as it is shown he called the cops before coming to their house and soon they rescue Martha as Virginia instructed her men to kill the former but Alfie succeeds and the Wayne family is safe and secure. 

It is safe to say that it was dramatic and filled with action. However, if you have not yet watched the episode then tune into HBO Max as it is streaming now. 

'Pennyworth' Season 3's new episodes releases every week on Thursdays at 12 am PT/3 am ET.