American Airlines passengers get into wild fistfight over reclined seat in viral video

American Airlines passengers get into wild fistfight over reclined seat in viral video
Screenshots showing two men fighting inside an American Airlines flight (KXAN/screenshot)

AUSTIN, TEXAS: A video shared with several news outlets has shown two grown-up men getting into a fistfight on a flight to Austin from New Orleans over a reclining seat. The incident reportedly happened on Sunday afternoon, August 1, after an American Airlines plane landed at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA).

It has been said that after the plane was parked at the gate at around 4:21 pm, the unidentified men began throwing punches at each other while other passengers and flight crew tried to stop it. Austin police were then informed about the situation, but no one was taken into custody after the incident, Austin Police told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Police did not give a detailed reason why the two were not arrested or charged.



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You can watch the video here. The footage of the fight shared with different media houses showed the two men fighting while a passenger screamed, “Stop it.” Another passenger can be heard saying, “Just don’t hurt anybody else on the plane.” Besides, different sounds like, “clear the aisle!” and “return to your seats immediately!” can be heard in the video as a person yells: “stop, it's not worth it!”

An anonymous passenger told CBS Austin, “When the plane finally landed in Austin and the seatbelt sign was turned off, both men jumped up and physically started fighting each other.” Also, American Airlines confirmed the situation and said in a statement, “Law enforcement were requested to meet American Eagle flight 4698, operated by Republic Airways, after arriving to Austin (AUS) from New Orleans (MSY) due to an altercation between passengers.”

The latest incident comes days after a woman was captured on video hurling homophobic remarks before being deboarded from Dallas-bound flight. The unidentified woman was not only wearing her face mask below her mouth, but also insulted same-sex relationship couples. The now-deleted clip posted on YouTube on July 19 included two Snapchat videos that showed the blonde woman yelling “fucking faggots” at other passengers and saying, “You corrupted Disney.” But the same footage can be seen on Reddit.

The clip showed the woman claiming that because of lesbian/gay couples, children are exposed to sex. However, she received a lot of flak from other passengers on the plane as a person said, “No one wants to hear your bigotry.” A number of people asked her to “get off the plane” and a woman said that she’s a married lesbian who “fought for this country.”

The woman was also slammed on social media for her insulting behavior. “As a dad of 3 this is infuriating to no end. Her kids are going to learn and perpetuate everything this nasty person spews,” a user on Reddit wrote. The second user said, “This may just be my ‘petty, vindictive bitch’ side coming out, but if that had been ME, I'd have stood up and started making out with my girlfriend in front of her bigoted ass! LOL!! (laughs in maniacal pansexual).” “That is what Crazyans do, they scream that they are persecuted because they aren't allowed to hunt lgbtq people for sport any more,” a person added.


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