Video captures woman hurling homophobic remarks before being removed from Dallas-bound flight

Video captures woman hurling homophobic remarks before being removed from Dallas-bound flight
Screenshots showing the woman insulting the LGBTQ community (Reddit)

A video has gone viral that showed an alleged homophobic woman wearing her face mask under her chin and insulting same-sex relationship couples. As per reports, the now-deleted footage shared on YouTube on Monday, July 19, consisted of two Snapchat videos that showed the blonde woman yelling “fucking faggots” at other passengers and saying, “You corrupted Disney.” The video is, however, available on Reddit.

The unidentified woman also reportedly said that kids are exposed to sex after seeing lesbian/gay couples. But other people on board the plane objected to her shaming words. A passenger was heard saying, “No one wants to hear your bigotry.” Several others asked her to “get off the plane” and a woman said that she’s a married lesbian who “fought for this country.”


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The video began when she and her travel companions were being physically removed from the plane. She was seen turning back, screaming, and verbally fighting with other passengers who took the side of the LGBTQ community. The video ended showing a flight attendant holding the woman’s arm and taking off the flight as others cheered. It has been said that the incident occurred on an American Airlines flight. Though the name of the woman is not known yet, it has been said she owns a business.

People on the internet took no time in slamming the woman. A Reddit user commented, “As a dad of 3 this is infuriating to no end. Her kids are going to learn and perpetuate everything this nasty person spews.” Another user posted, “Imagine having to take the bus home because your mom couldn't deal with two women holding hands.” A person wrote, “This may just be my ‘petty, vindictive bitch’ side coming out, but if that had been ME, I'd have stood up and started making out with my girlfriend in front of her bigoted ass! LOL!! (laughs in maniacal pansexual).” 

“That is what Crazyans do, they scream that they are persecuted because they aren't allowed to hunt lgbtq people for sport any more,” a comment read. Another comment stated, “Bigots tend to have few if any accomplishments of their own. They need somebody else to be lower than them, because they don't have the skills or drive to be "higher" on their own merits. They need people to be default lower status than them, because they can't actually raise themselves to a higher status, and that makes them feel worthless.”

Meanwhile, American Airlines confirmed to The Daily Dot about the incident that happened on June 12. In a statement, the company said, “Before departure on June 12, American Airlines flight 462 with service from Orlando (MCO) to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) returned to the gate at MCO after a group of passengers refused to comply with the federal mask mandate and became verbally abusive to team members and other customers. Law enforcement met the flight at the gate and the disruptive customers exited the aircraft.”

“We expect our customers to comply with our policies when they choose to travel with us, and we take action when that is not the case. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and we thank our team members for their professionalism,” the statement added.


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 Viral video showed woman hurling homophobic statements before being removed from Dallas-bound flight