'I got you': Lady Gaga's TENDER moment with frail 76-year-old Liza Minnelli wins hearts

'I got you': Lady Gaga's TENDER moment with frail 76-year-old Liza Minnelli wins hearts
Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli at the 94th Annual Academy Awards (Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

While Oscars 2022 may mostly be remembered for the unexpected conflict between Will Smith and Chris Rock, a tender moment between veteran actress Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga is melting hearts. On Sunday, March 27, Gaga and Minnelli, who was on a wheelchair, took the stage to present the final award of the evening for Best Picture.

Minnelli received a standing ovation from the audience, and Gaga joined in applauding the legendary star. "Oh! That's so exciting!" the veteran actress exclaimed. "Do you see that? The public, they love you," Gaga said as they began to introduce the nominees. But when the 76-year-old appeared to stumble on her line delivery, Gaga gracefully helped her with the cue card and even held her hand.

"Good evening. You know how I love working with legends, and I'm honored to present the final award of the evening with the true show-business legend," Gaga added as the audience applauded.


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"She is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cabaret. Oscar award-winning actress Liza Minnelli," Gaga said and then gave Minnelli a nod of support to say her lines. "Throughout tonight we've seen highlights of the ten best nomi- you know, nominated for Best Picture Awards," a shaking Minnelli laughed as she attempted to present the award. Gaga bent down and said to Liza, "I got you," to which she replied, "I know."



The Internet can't seem to get enough of this moment, as they rave about how sweet and caring it was. One tweet read, "In a night where everyone will unfortunately remember the worst of this year's Oscars, try to remember that on a hot mic, Lady Gaga turned to Liza Minnelli and said 'I got you.'" Another said, "On a different night, Lady Gaga whispering 'I got you' and Liza Minelli saying 'I know' would be the story that stuck with people. #Oscars."



One user tweeted, "Liza Minnelli. Legend. Very graceful of Lady Gaga. 'I gotcha.' I respect that. Well done, Lady Gaga. #Oscars," while another added, "#LadyGaga is indeed a 'vessel of love' showing respect & kindness to Liza Minelli. Lady softly said to Liza, 'I gotcha.' And Liza was barely audible when she responded, 'I know' Here's what I know. Lady Gaga is a class act - a beautiful human being. #AcademyAward."



A third wrote, "Okay but Lady Gaga is being so gentle with Liza Minnelli #Oscars," while a fourth felt, "lady gaga telling liza minnelli 'i got you' and her replying 'i know' has got me crying #Oscars." A fifth mentioned, "Lady Gaga telling Liza Minnelli 'I got you' on stage at the Academy Awards in an industry and society that so rarely takes care of its older women. My heart needed that. One day I hope someone will be there to say 'I got you' too."




One tweet said, "The class, kindness and glowing #respect Lady Gaga showed toward Liza Minnelli made up for a lot about this nutty evening, and I promise you I will have a soft spot for Gaga for the rest of my life." Another read, "All joking aside, I hope that at some point we can discuss what a class act Lady Gaga is and how well she kept the Best Picture presentation going while still keeping Liza Minelli grounded and included without ever being patronizing or awkward. Just amazing. #Oscars."



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