Modern dance legend Paul Taylor dies aged 88

He took us through the changing times with his sharp foot work and delicate postures, and lead staright into the renaissance of modern dance.

                            Modern dance legend Paul Taylor dies aged 88

Modern dance giant, Paul Taylor, has died; he was 88. Although the cause of his death is yet unknown, it is being reported that the dancer had been under hospice care for quite something. 

According to the spokeswoman, Lisa Labrador, who spoke with the Associated Press, Taylor died on Wednesday at Beth Israel Medical Centre in Manhattan. The dancer whose name still has a stronghold in the dance field was best known for his works which spun for more than six decades.

His pieces spoke about both joy and grief as it revolved around various subjects including rape, death, and other human conditions. Just as his 1975 work 'Esplanade' which was one of his beloved pieces, was majorly about light and happiness, his other works like 'Big Bertha' dealt with much darker subjects like family, incest, and death.



As one of the most noted names of 20-century dance revolution, Taylor celebrated the 60th anniversary of his dance company back in 2014. Even in his final years, he kept working towards his passion, the last of which was premiered during the company's annual Lincoln Center season in March marking his 147th performance. Apart from his 1975 masterpiece, his other iconic works include, 'Aureole,' 'Cloven Kingdom,' and 'Promethean Fire.' He has also danced for several roles which were created for him by Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, and George Balanchine. 

The unfortunate news of his death comes just a few months after it was announced that the dancer has named Michael Novak as the one who will head the various organizations that bear his name. Although the announcement was made pretty recently, looks like the 35-year-old member of the company will have to take up his responsibilities sooner than he had expected to.