'Please clap': Trump has his Jeb Bush moment as he BEGS for applause in viral video

'Please clap': Trump has his Jeb Bush moment as he BEGS for applause in viral video
Former president Donald Trump (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Six years ago, presidential candidate Jeb Bush was mocked after he was seen in a video pleading an audience to "Please clap" after a speech. Now it seems that former president Donald Trump was caught on video pretty much doing the same to much ridicule. A viral video by PatriotTakes shows Trump at Mar-a-Lago as he enters the dining area when an applause is ongoing.

As he reached the area, he waved his hands in a motion that indicated the audience to not stop clapping and keep continuing. Apparently, the audience did as they were instructed because Trump was seen flashing a double thumbs up.


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Such news about Trump has not been aired for the first time. Some of the books that were published about him during and post-presidency have shared that Trump always sought a standing ovation everytime he walked into a dining room. However, in the current video, no one appeared to be standing. 

In their book 'I Alone Can Fix It', authors Phil Rucker and Carol Leonig described one of the times when Trump held court in the dining room at Mar-a-Lago. They wrote, "As more dinner guests with plates began queuing up in the room to visit the raw bar and other food stations, Trump finally decided it was time to wrap up our conversation. He invited us to stay for dinner and instructed the maître d’ to find us a table. Then the former president stepped onto the veranda and into the last of the day’s sun. Right on cue, the dinner guests immediately stood up at their tables to applaud him. He took it all in, smiling." They continued, "Just another Wednesday night at Mar-a-Lago. And off he went, table by table, to greet friends."


After the book was published, one of the authors said, "When you're down there talking to him, there's a distorted reality he's presenting, not only to us, but the dozens of guests that come to Mar-A-Lago every night for dinner and give him a standing ovation at sunset, and then you leave Mar-A-Lago and you realize what's happening in the world the reality is so different from what he's trying to tell his supporters." 

Viewers on Twitter shared their opinions under the comment section. One said, "You stretched so far you pulled a muscle."


Another added, "Jeb’s was self deprecating and meant to be a bit of a joke. Donny is deadly serious when he demands praise. (I cannot believe I’m defending ¡Jeb! but here we are.)"

This user said, "I have never seen a man so in need of approval. This is almost pathological and quite sad. He needs the sound of applause and people CONSTANTLY telling him that he is great."




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