ONEUS made to attend 51 fansigns in one comeback, upset fans call company 'greedy'

Previously their label had announced a world tour after sharing two of the members were injured

                            ONEUS made to attend 51 fansigns in one comeback, upset fans call company 'greedy'
Fans are worried that ONEUS is being overworked (@official_ONEUS/Twitter)

ONEUS' latest comeback with the album ‘Blood Moon’ was their personal best as they had their highest first-week sales with 172k copies, received their first Hanteo Initial Chodong Certificate, and their first music show win while the music video for the title track ‘Luna’ crossed 10 million views in 48 hours. And now they have planned their first world tour and second American tour in 2022. However, due to their company, RBW’s latest decisions fans are angry with them.

Fansigns are based on lucky draws. Only random album purchases allow the fan to enter and attend the fansign aka meet and greet. The more albums one buys, the more chances they have of getting selected for the fansign. While this leads to a great number of purchased albums being wasted and increases their carbon footprint, it increases the sales of the album as one person buys 10s of albums. And while ONEUS already had a good first week with 172k sales, their company has made them have 51 fansigns since November 2021 till now.

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ONEUS made to attend 51 fansigns

To Moons (ONEUS’ fandom) claimed that ONEUS did not have to resort to fansign tactics to boost album sales since they already had a good first week which is the only one that matters since it counts to music show wins and chartings. The sales after the first week are not important and so fans do not tend to buy as much later. But thanks to the constant fansigns that RBW is having ONEUS, fans are mass buying to join the fansigns. However, there is not much revenue that is generated through fansigns. After the fansigns, the total has only increased to 177k sales.

While antis and haters mocked ONEUS for resorting to clever tactics for boosting album sales and also claimed that this hinted at ‘sajaegi’ (chart manipulation), fans asked them to focus on the fact that the group is being severely overworked for a meager profit. It should also be noted that ONEUS is being made to attend fansigns despite two of the members being injured. They also announced their world tour after it was reported the two injured members had to rest for their injuries to heal.

'Clearly being overworked'

Antis at first made tweets like, “The way this groups only doing this bc their albums not selling. Then doing all this to still not chart anywhere,” “2022 we gotta bring back sajaegi accusations,” and “And theyre still tanking.” However fans and non-fans pointed out, “This is so misleading coz the fansigns aren't "boosting sales" the way y'all think it is, most of their sales were in the first week of release. Call it what it is, a company overworking their artist to make every last penny they can out of them.” Another user bluntly added, “This isn't promoting, this is slavery.”

One fan shared, “To boost album sales??? This is so misleading, it's not even about boosting sales, the promotion ended two months ago, rbw is just greedy for easy money. The qrts are even accusing Oneus of sajaegi when they are clearly being overworked for crying out loud.” Another was angry that non-fans were using this opportunity to mock ONEUS, “Kpop stans in the qrts needs to stop making this about their faves and mind their business. oneus are literally being overworked and we tried multiple times to do smtg abt it but rbw doesn’t listen.”









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