ONEUS drops Mad Max inspired music video for 'Shut Up and Crazy Hot', fans say ‘stage geniuses’

ONEUS launches musical project 'ONEUS THEATRE' with the release of the performance video of unreleased song 'Shut Up and Crazy Hot'

                            ONEUS drops Mad Max inspired music video for 'Shut Up and Crazy Hot', fans say ‘stage geniuses’
ONEUS launches new music project (@official_oneus/Instagram)

ONEUS, the fourth-gen K-pop group, has time and again proved that they’re performance kings with the release of stunning covers and performance videos. From making iconic dance covers of the likes of Billie Eilish, Christopher and Tones and I, ONEUS always exceeds expectations. And playing on their strengths, they’ve yet again released another performance video for an unreleased song.

ONEUS came back with the title track ‘Black Mirror’ in May which led to several mind-blowing stages and concepts. But even after the promotions of the comeback ended, the boys have been busy. To cheer South Korea at the Tokyo Olympics 2021, ONEUS released a Taekwondo-themed performance video of their 2019 hit single ‘Lit’. The K-pop group also teamed up with Taekwondo demo team K-Tigers to create an intricate performance complete with a Taekwondo-infused dance break.

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ONEUS releases Mad Max inspired music video

That was just the beginning. ONEUS then launched a new project on August 4 with the release of a performance video of ‘Shut Up and Crazy Hot’. Previously, it had been announced that the group was starting ‘ONEUS THEATRE’ which is a musical project that combines their music and concepts of iconic films to create performance music videos. And the very first music video for the project was 'Shut Up and Crazy Hot'. It was inspired by the gritty dystopian film Mad Max.

ONEUS had first performed the unreleased song ‘Shut Up and Crazy Hot’ during a concert. Fans were eagerly waiting for a studio version and it looks like their wish has been granted. The group rearranged the song and created a Mad Max-esque performance music video of it. Furthermore, they will release the rearranged song’s studio version on music sites on August 5 at 12 pm KST (August 4 at 11 pm ET).

The teaser for ‘Shut Up and Crazy Hot’ was intense and the actual performance video did not disappoint. The performance was set in a dusty and abandoned quarry that looks like the deserted landscape of Mad Max. We see the boys performing to a fierce choreography amidst rusted trucks and weapons. The dance moves especially during the bridge are signature ONEUS. The boys look equally charismatic in distressed leather outfits. The song is arranged with rock and band sounds that suit the dystopian concept. 

Watch the music video below.


'Spittin' flames'

Fans were amazed by ONEUS’ dedication to the concept and how well they executed it that they ended up trending ‘ONEUS stage geniuses’ on Twitter. One fan tweeted, “And when leedo from oneus goes viral for this then what.” Another tweeted, “oneus:     meanwhile seoho:.” One tweeted, “XION FROM ONEUS OH MY GOD???? I'M SO EMOTIONAL LOOK AT HIS CONFIDENCE AND CHARISMA.” Another tweeted, “I have feelings for vocal line’s shut up 받고 crazy hot prechorus loOK AT LEE KEONHEE THO N THE BACKUP DANCERS??” One tweeted, “Hwanwoong singing this part.” Another tweeted, “Mr. Ra definitely spittin' flames.”









One pointed out that they gave us two iconic performances in such a short period of time, “All these happened in span of 3 days??? wow oneus is insane.” Another tweeted, “GIVE IT OUT TO THE BEST SONG INTRO OF 2021: SHUT UP 받고 CRAZY HOT.” One tweeted, “Let's talk about hOW ONEUS HAVE THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST PERFORMANCE VIDEOS?! They truly go above & beyond!.” Fans were in awe that the group consistently kept releasing staggering performances for which one user tweeted, “THAT'S BECAUSE ONEUS STAGE GENIUSES.”