ONEUS announces US leg of world tour 2022, fans upset as 2 members injured

Along with the new Omicron wave that would jeopardise the K-pop group, fans are angry that ONEUS is being overworked

                            ONEUS announces US leg of world tour 2022, fans upset as 2 members injured
ONEUS announce the US leg of their world tour in 2022 (@official_ONEUS/Twitter)

January 12 has been quite overwhelming for To Moons (ONEUS fans). We first got the announcement that two of ONEUS’ members, Leedo and Xion would be going on a mini-hiatus since they were injured. But immediately after that, we got the news that RBW had planned a world tour for the boy group in 2022. With the group being constantly busy, attending events and fan meetings, fans are upset that ONEUS is being overworked.

RBW first released a statement sharing that ONEUS’ Leedo had got skin inflammation on his soles and needed to rest for about a week. However, he decided to attend their latest fan meeting and even performed because he had promised fans that he would be present. The statement also adds that Xion has a strain on his knee and so, is wearing a brace. But he too attended the fan meeting because he did not want to disappoint fans.

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ONEUS announce US leg of their world tour

Now that ONEUS’ fan meeting was over, the two members would be taking a short hiatus of a week to recover. To Moons were happy that the boys were finally getting the rest they needed. But in just hours later, RBW announced a tour that has fans upset. ONEUS revealed that they had planned to have a US tour of 14 cities. The dates will be revealed gradually. In the past, the CEO of RBW has confessed that the boy group has been planning a world tour in 2022 and so this just seems to be the beginning. Unfortunately, fans are not as happy as the label might have expected them to be.

They in fact are asking the boys to rest and for the label to focus on their other artists who are not getting any promotions. In fact, their labelmates, the immensely popular girl group Mamamoo has not yet gone on a world tour despite being in the industry for over eight years. ONEUS’ sibling group, ONEWE is painfully underrated as they are not the traditional K-pop group but a band. Fans also brought back the forgotten boy group VRomance who haven’t been in the spotlight since 2017. Additionally, the new wave of Covid-19 strain, Omicron could jeopardize ONEUS and the fans who would attend the tour.

'Read the room'

To Moons ended up trending ONEUS as they showed their displeasure. One fan tweeted, “Overworking oneus, not promoting mamamoo, no schedules for onewe WHAT ARE YOU DOING RBW.” Another To Moon posted, “Rbw you are contradicting yourself when you say you are going to prioritise artists’ health and fans’ concern but did otherwise how do the members even get to catch a break if they have to practise for all these live stage, tour, fanmeeting. give oneus a rest and stop your greed.” One fan shared, “Instead of having fancalls/fansigns can I pay for oneus to rest??”

Another commented, “This day keeps getting worse with all the announcements for oneus, their timing is horrible my god rbw cant yall read the room?? And also with covid tf??” One fan added, “Rbvv is the best at torturing oneus, no promotions for onewe, unfair treatment of eng sub on mamamoo youtube videos, literally zero update about vromance, rbvv, what the fawk.” Another reasoned, “The thing is there's no reason for rbw to be overworking oneus they have enough artists to easily distribute weight of promos and profit but rbw would rather put it all in one group than invest and work to make all their artists marketable and able to make them profit.”








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