Is Oli London dead? BTS' ARMY and Jimin fans troll K-pop singer after his Instagram is memorialized

Oli London began trending on Twitter after his Instagram was memorialized for some time before going back to normal

                            Is Oli London dead? BTS' ARMY and Jimin fans troll K-pop singer after his Instagram is memorialized
Oli London is a British K-pop singer obsessed with BTS member Jimin (Instagram/Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains content about suicide

Oli London began trending on Twitter on May 27. This was after K-pop fans believed he allegedly pulled off a suicide prank. Fans began talking about the infamous British K-pop star after his Instagram was memorialized for some time on Thursday afternoon, May 27, before going back to normal. He had gone silent on all of his social media accounts three days ago, barring TikTok where he posted a video on Wednesday, May 26. 

London has a history of being canceled by K-pop fans. The last time he faced their wrath was sometime in April where he opened up about feeling sad and disappointed over trolls canceling him on TikTok. He faced a lot of rebuttals from K-pop fans on his live video. There were a lot of mean comments aimed at him and people were mass reporting his account. He had candidly spoken about developing a crush on NCT member Taeyong, leading to people canceling him.


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Is Oli London dead? 

While there's no official news, chances are that London is alive since his Instagram account is back to normal. After being canceled during his live video, London took to his YouTube channel which has 26K subscribers. The caption of the video was a message for his well-wishers, it read, "Thank you to all my loyal fans who are always there for me through good times and bad. I love you all dearly and you all inspire me and keep me going."

He then addressed his trolls saying, "To the Trolls: shame on you for constantly bullying me, every day targeting me with hate, every day making up false rumors every day trying to bring tears to my eyes. You will never win."

In one of his TikTok videos, he said he wished to change his appearance once again to look like Taeyong. This triggered NCT fans who lashed out at him saying he could never be a true fan despite the crazy things he continued to do for clout.


What social media had to say

A social media user claimed, London's death was a prank and said, "Oli London did not off himself, he did it as a prank, why does he still have a platform ???"

One livid social media user posted: "you mean to tell me.. oli london faked a whole su!cide note and made his insta into a remembering account… for attention. what the FUCK can we PLEASE get this man off of social media and get him some fucking help."

One said: "SO YOU MEAN TO FUCKING TELL ME OLI LONDON JUST FUCKING LIED ABOUT BEING DEAD AND TURNED HIS ACCOUNT TO REMEMBERING? this man has some serious issues. all of the memes aside, what goes through his fucking head. when people struggle with this in their daily lives."

One fan claimed the prank was from last year: "THE OLI LONDON PRANK ARTICLE IS FROM 2020, AND IG REQUIRES PROOF IN ORDER TO MEMORIALIZE PEOPLE. Yes, glitches are possible, but please consider the actual possibilities and stop wishing death on him."







Why does ARMY hate Oli London?

London decided to go under the knife and had multiple surgeries performed on him in his big desire to look exactly like Jimin.  "I want my entire lifestyle to revolve around K-pop and I want my entire look to look like Jimin the lead singer of BTS because for me he is perfection," London stated in an interview with Barcroft TV, "his jaw shape, his lips his voice, everything."

You can watch the documentary about his shocking transformation here


At one point, London was obsessed with BTS and everyone witnessed his fascination going out of hand after he spent thousands of dollars to look like BTS member Jimin. BTS fans began calling him a "sasaeng", a term that is used for stalker fans who show no regard for the band members' private lives. London is also said to have frequented all the places where Jimin and other BTS members stopped in Korea, in hopes to see them.

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