#OliLondonDeactivatedParty trends on Twitter after Oli London deactivates social media accounts

London deactivated his Instagram after sharing a controversial post wherein he revealed that he spent money on buying 5000 copies of K-pop magazine KJou

                            #OliLondonDeactivatedParty trends on Twitter after Oli London deactivates social media accounts
Oli London (OWN)

British reality television star and K-Pop singer Oli London is again in the headlines after he announced on his now-deactivated Instagram account on March 23rd that he will be releasing a documentary on anti-bullying along with Elisha Jade of ‘Love Island’ fame. 

London deactivated his account after sharing a controversial Instagram post wherein he revealed that he spent money on buying 5000 copies of K-pop magazine KJou. His post read, “While people have been rushing to buy essential products like toilet roll and hand sanitizer, for me all I need to feel safe and happy is magazines filled with pictures of BTS, Jimin and myself. I love the photos of Jimin so much so I decided to order 5000 copies. Why not? They are really great photos of me and BTS. I cannot stop looking at them.” London has also deactivated his Twitter account. 

BTS fans did not take his post well and took to Twitter to express their displeasure and created the hashtag #OliLondonDeactivatedParty, which trended on the micro-blogging site. A  BTS fan tweeted, “The fact that this man literally appropriated an entire culture, stalked Jimin, and then essentially tried to become Jimin, and he still doesn’t understand why people hate him.... it’s not bullying, it’s just people calling out your fucked up mentality. #OliLondonDeactivatedParty”

Whereas another fan tweeted, "Brooo so you are telling me that the fucking Oli London MF, finally deactivated ?? Someone please tell me what the fuck took so long it was about time.#OliLondonDeactivatedParty", while another fan, tweeted, "I'm glad we can all come together and agree that this is the best thing that’s happened in 2020 #OliLondonDeactivatedParty."

K-Pop and BTS fans are overjoyed by the fact that London had deactivated, a fan tweeted saying, "Goodbye you f**king racist a**hole, no one will ever miss you <3 #OliLondonDeactivatedParty".

"#OliLondonDeactivatedParty Y’all omg finally Oil London gone this is a blessing- time to celebrate jdnssnss .First ohmess2 now Oil London WE ARE GETTING OUR REVENGE," read another tweet.

The 30-year-old singer is no stranger to controversies. He made headlines in 2018 when he spent 150k pounds and underwent plastic surgery to look like his idol, the Korean pop star idol, Jimin from BTS. He became popular when he appeared in television series 'Hooked on the Look' in 2018 following his surgical process.  Talking about his surgeries to look like Jimin that made him popular, London told Dr. Phil, "I am doing everything I can to look like Jimin, to have his skin, to have his facial structure, to have everything... I got my eyes done, but I want to get it done again, to make it more almond shape like Jimin's."

Since being on the TV show 'Hooked on the Look' following his surgeries, he has been a guest in many reality television shows and has also released songs that gained popularity worldwide. In 2019, he made his debut as a singer with the song called 'Butterfly' ranking #8 in the K-Pop chart. His other songs include 'Hearts of Korea', 'Perfection', 'Last Christmas' and the most recent one in 2020 'Mirror Mirror'. 'Mirror Mirror' is about people who bring other people down, those ‘haters’ who get so caught up in spreading hate and jealousy that they fail to look at themselves, according to London.

London and Jade came together to help expose the traumatic and often devastating results of being bullied online. The pair also intended to send an inspiring message to young people to be kind to one another and to think twice before putting negative comments on social media. The documentary, ‘ConTrolled’ will tackle the problems with cyberbullying, and key issues young people are faced within the age of social media.

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