#KPopStansAreOverParty: After BTS drops 'Dynamite' teaser, why does the Internet want to cancel K-Pop fans?

BTS just dropped the teaser for their single ‘Dynamite’ on August 18 and while it became a rage in no time, many were bothered with the fans flooding Twitter

                            #KPopStansAreOverParty: After BTS drops 'Dynamite' teaser, why does the Internet want to cancel K-Pop fans?
BTS (Getty Images)

South Korean band Bangtan Boys aka BTS dropped the teaser for their single ‘Dynamite’ on August 18 and it soon went viral. Fans of the seven-member band took the Internet by storm by sharing snippets of the teaser. The teaser gives a sneak peek of the sound in ‘Dynamite’ and features a funky bassline. The quirky feature shows a storefront emblazoned with the word “disco” which heralds a retro look as promised in the band’s earlier photoshoot. Big Hit Entertainment shared the official teaser of the song that will be out on August 21. 



As soon as it was announced, K-Pop fans couldn't help but share it on Twitter. Fans say that BTS’s new creation is not just a song, it is also a retreat into a joyful world away from dystopia. One enthusiastic fan tweeted, "#kpopstansareoverparty Dynamite by BTS isn’t just a song, it's a cultural reset, it's the oxygen you breathe, it's a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves, it's an art, the first gift you open on Christmas, everything you’ve ever wanted”.


Back in June, BTS fans celebrated the band's achievements for creating a Guinness World Record for most views in an online concert 'Bang Bang Con: The Live' which streamed live on June 14. Their fans demanded that the artists be referred to as 'superstars' and not just 'K-pop stars' after they secured a spot in Guinness Book of World Records and reached number one on the US album chart.

However, not everyone is pleased with the craze on Twitter. Many feel that the K-Pop fans "spam" Twitter with snippets of teasers and that they cancel other stars, ruining prospects of their growth. After the latest teaser was out, netizens started to slam K-Pop fans and said that they were unable to access important information on Twitter due to constant spamming.

"I have nothing against the music, none of us do. Were just sick of the K-POP stans throwing their fancams into every single f***ing hashtag they can find," another enraged user wrote. 



Another retorted, "The issue is the fanbase not the music, I actually quite like listening to K- pop occasionally but the stans tryna cancel people every week who most of the time don’t deserve and ruining innocent peoples careers is the problem."



"Because you guys spam and it can get really annoying, especially when you spam on something important it gets really hard to get important information, I agree there's other things to be mad about but this is also a problem," wrote one specifying the issue with the fans.



Many feel that if the fans continue to spam like this and Twitter allows it, then they would have to cancel Twitter as well. “You're right, we should cancel twitter as well!” 


Some came in support of BTS. "That moment when we have helped with tons of worldwide issues yet you want to be rude to us just because we listen to a certain music genre that’s always shitted on, anyways BTS world domination," wrote a fan.  


Another retorted, “People out here canceling kpop stans when there are bigger problems in the world."


One said, "I get why it can be annoying but when people get annoyed it’s pointless bc it just starts arguments, and over half of twitter is kpop stans and we just do it for fun but again, i know that it can be annoying."



Reportedly, BTS wanted to release an album later this year but decided to release a single first to "share some positive energy" with fans. Who knew that 'Dynamite', which was meant to connect with fans, could cause such furor?

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