Is Woojin the reason Oli London deactivated Twitter? Here's why K-pop star wants fans to find him on OnlyFans

Is Woojin the reason Oli London deactivated Twitter? Here's why K-pop star wants fans to find him on OnlyFans
Oli London, Woojin (YouTube/Getty Images)

It seems like Oli London has managed to become the hot topic of discussion on Twitter once again following some of his latest actions that have garnered a range of reactions. London shared a video on his Youtube channel, which has over 13,600 subscribers, to announce his exit from Twitter. However, following a series of bizarre tweets shared on his personal handle recently, speculations are rife that his account was hacked. The Twitter account was deactivated on September 8.

Who is Oli London?

Oli London is a London and Las Vegas-based British reality TV personality and K-pop singer. He gained prominence after appearing on ‘Dr. Phil’, 'Daily Mail TV', 'Botched' Season 6 and British documentary series 'Hooked on the Look' on Truly and 'Plastic Surgery Knifemares' which premiered on Channel 5, showing his transformation through plastic surgery. His obsession with Jimin of BTS is widely known, so much so that he even married the CutOut of the South Korean star in Las Vegas. 

He has featured in the German TV channel 'The Beauty Madness of Oli London'. His love for Jimin was featured on the Korean TV show ‘When in Korea’ and on Airran Raio’s ‘K-Poppin’. Most recently, London was seen on 'Plastic Surgery Knifemares' in Agust 2020, which detailed his experience with surgery and music career. He was next seen on BBC 3 Series 'Too Fat, Too Ugly, Too Asian'. 

Besides starring in shows, London is also recognized for serving as a TV producer and he also contributed majorly in bringing attention to the K-pop industry in Europe. London had modeled and been the brand ambassador of many global brands including Medictel Korea, View Plastic Surgery, LipHop, Paris Hilton Skincare & Dominic Paul Cosmetics.

Why is he trending on Twitter?

On September 8, London took to YouTube to share a 7-minute video, in which he announced that he is quitting Twitter as he’s “been crying for hours". He added, "I’ve just been depressed in bed, just getting all this abuse on Twitter."

The video mainly focuses on London defending the South Korean singer Woojin of ‘Stray Kids' against the recent allegations. Woojin took to his Instagram on September 8 to share a post in which has denied all the rumors. According to allkpop, Woojin has said, "Today, I had an absurd experience... I'm letting fans know what's going on by posting this. Someone posted a strange rumor on Twitter and then deleted their account. I've never even met that person, and I've never been to where they said I was. I know my fans must've been very shocked, but it's not true so don't worry too much."

Meanwhile, London says in the video, "He's accused based on accusations on Twitter. Americans hate me, I am sorry but you can't have the cancel culture all the time when there is no basis for them. Woojin's entertainment agency has proved that he was not even at the bar that night. They can check the CCTV, the accuser can ask the police. Why is everyone hating on him based on 'gossips'. They always that with the K-pop stars although such things often happen on social media. That's why there is such an issue of depression in the k-pop industry."

Towards the end of the video he says, “I am quitting Twitter anyway and I just want people to be more kind, more thoughtful.”

Was his account hacked?

Even though London said that he was exiting Twitter, his account was active for a while and a series of bizarre tweets were shared in the last few hours. Most of the posts were directed at London, where he was being criticized. His handle even showed a few memes on K-Pop artists. A fresh tweet was being shared within a few minutes, which left his fans and followers highly confused. The majority of them have established that London’s account has been hacked. London's account doesn't exist anymore. Here's are some of the tweets shared on his profile:




However, before the eerie tweets started flowing in, London's account shared a tweet taking about his OnlyFan page. It read, "50% off my ONLYFANS now hurry. See the teaser for my new K-pop MV, behind the scenes photos + see me shirtless: HURRY." But, we aren't sure if London shared the tweet. 

The OnlyFan page already consists of 15 posts and clocked 41 likes at the time of writing. It seems like the page mostly focuses on his music venture. The first post was shared on September 1. It read, "You guys get the world's first audio preview for my new single. Here it is... Please let me know what you think." The new few posts talked about his workout and in one of them he's asked his followers about their weekend plans while revealing that he's "working hard in my studio on my album".

The latest post says: "Having a relaxing bath. Just doing a cute avocado hair mask. Avocado is great to moisture dry hair and I really recommend it if you color your hair". Perhaps, the K-Pop star will use this platform to interact exclusively with his fans and keep them posted about his music career. 

His fans and the rest of the internet however has been wondering if London deactivated his account himself or was it done by a hacker. "Did the hacker deactivate oli london's acc" wrote one. Another added, "so the koreaboo jimin wannabe oli london defend woojin and deactivate his account lmao."



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