Who is Deysi Garza Aguirre? HERO Oklahoma girl, 12, saves family from house fire by waking up just in time

Who is Deysi Garza Aguirre? HERO Oklahoma girl, 12, saves family from house fire by waking up just in time
The Clinton Fire Department recognized Deysi's efforts and bravery (Clinton Fire Department/Facebook)

A 12-year-old Oklahoma girl was termed a "hero" after she saved her entire family by waking up just in time! Deysi Garza Aguirre was fast asleep on the couch on an early Saturday morning when she woke up startled by the sound of a "pop".

An alert Deysi began to unplug all electrical devices but soon noticed that the fire had started to spread and was very close to setting the furniture ablaze. She then woke up all her family members present—including her aunt, siblings, and cousins—and dialled 911 from a neighbor's phone to report the accident. The Clinton Fire Department posted a statement about the child's bravery on their Facebook page.


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As per the statement, the entire house was ruined, but all members of the family were saved because of Deysi. It further read, "This is Deysi Garza Aguirre, she is 12 years old and she is a hero… Her courageous actions no doubtably prevented a much worse situation from occurring. Today we presented her with the Clinton Fire Department award for courage and bravery. While they may have lost their house their family is still whole." People complimented Deysi for her absolute alertness and the courage she showed while responding to the situation.

Calling her a "brave young lady", one of them wrote they had goosebumps reading this and hoped that Deysi was proud of herself. One of them also complimented the Clinton Fire Department for recognizing "the community when they go above and beyond". Visuals of the house showed that the entire place was completely dilapidated, and everything was reduced to shambles. Ruins of fabric and a broken wireframe were all that was left of Deysi's couch. This just showed how bad the fire could have been for the family who was sleeping had Deysi not woken up.

A couple of days later, Deysi spoke with KOCO 5 to show the channel around and talked about the events that unfolded that morning. "I heard everything first… I started screaming my aunt’s name… I can’t remember what I was thinking, but I was just trying to get them out… Everyone told me I’m a hero. I feel good because I saved my family." She Was The First To Receive An Award From The Clinton Fire Department, "we put together the Clinton Fire Department award for courage and bravery. It’s just something we felt like we should do for her."


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The entire family's wardrobe has been destroyed in the fire as well. They urged everyone to donate some clothes for them, especially her parents, since they are renting a new place in town. The Clinton Fire Department also posted the required sizes and where to donate them: "Boy 3t size 6 shoes; Girl 5t size 10 shoes; Girl size 10 size 1 shoes; Adult small size 4 shoes; Mom small size 6 1/2 shoes; Dad 34/34 pants; LG shirts and size 11 shoes. We are accepting donations at the fire department."

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