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Hero toddler saves sleeping family from fire as they couldn’t smell smoke due to Covid-19

Brandon Dahl woke up his parents by appearing at the foot of their bed and shouting: 'Momma, hot! Momma, hot!'
Kayla Dahl and her family were sleeping inside their home when the fire engulfed it (Decatur Fire Department and GoFundMe)
Kayla Dahl and her family were sleeping inside their home when the fire engulfed it (Decatur Fire Department and GoFundMe)

ALVORD, TEXAS: A two-year-old boy has been hailed a hero for saving the lives of his parents and other family members. Brandon Dahl woke up his parents on time after six-foot flames engulfed their house. His firefighter dad and mother couldn’t smell the smoke because they lost their sense of smell due to Covid-19. However, because of their toddler son, they saved themselves as well as all five of their kids.

The incident reportedly happened on January 15 in Alvord, Texas, at around 4:30 in the morning. The little one’s mother Kayla Dahl told The Sun, “Our fire burned so fast and so hot that we're just really lucky that we got out when we did. Had it been just a minute later. It would have been a completely different scenario.”


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The woman said she was woken up by Brandon, who was at the foot of her bed and saying, “Momma, hot! Momma, hot!” Kayla said: “When I opened my eyes and looked at him, it was really hazy with smoke. I looked at the bedroom door, and I could see the flames in the living room coming from that direction towards us.” Brandon was sleeping in the same living room as his mother said, “When it comes to him getting to us, the only thing that we can chalk it up to, is the fact that God had his arms wrapped around him. He had a guardian angel that helped protect him and carry him into our room that morning.”

The family was able to save itself because of Brandon and his father Nathan, who has been volunteering as a firefighter for the local fire department for the last six years. They soon went to a neighbor's house and took a breath of relief knowing everyone was safe. “Until I turned around and saw everything that we had worked so hard to build as a family -- just gone,” Kayla added.

The fire has taken away the family’s house along with their SUV. Nine fire departments worked to extinguish the fire and save their neighbors' houses. Kayla said the morning of January 15 was cold and windy, with gusts up to 70 miles per hour, and it made the fire more dangerous.

The proud mother also praised her son by saying, “He is definitely our hero, and he will forever be our hero. He's an amazing little boy. I believe that he will do amazing things as he gets older. We can only hope that he'll follow in his [dad's] footsteps one day and become a little firefighter himself.”

She also thanked God and advised other families to “make sure to hug your children and your spouse, and tell anyone and everyone that you love that you love them. I mean, tomorrow's never promised but it's a blessing to have it.” And, as the family is hoping to build back their home soon, immense support has poured in for them through a GoFundMe page, which was created by Kayla's best friend.

The message on the fundraiser read, “My name is Chellsea and I am fundraising for the Dahl family. My best friend Kayla called me at 6:30 this morning to tell me that their house burned to the ground this morning. Everyone got out safe but they lost everything they owned. This is so tragic and traumatizing for this family and I would like for us to come together to help them out. Kayla told me this morning that for right now the major need is clothes. Nathan- 32x32 pants, large shirts, size 15 shoes Kayla- 7/8 womens pants, large shirts, size 8 shoes Haylee- 16/18 girl clothes; size 11 womens shoes Aydin- 10/12 boys clothes; size 4 shoes Aleea- 7/8 girls clothes; size 1 shoes Brandon- size 3t boys clothes; 9t shoes All money that is raised will be given to the family for necessities.”