More than 100 firefighters fight 'three-alarm fire' at historic Connecticut house built in 1850

Crews from 29 departments are fighting the fire at ‘New Hartford House,' a three-storey building built in 1850, with 14 apartments and six business

                            More than 100 firefighters fight 'three-alarm fire' at historic Connecticut house built in 1850
Firefighters on the scene of the fire at ‘New Hartford House' in New Hartford, Connecticut (Twitter/ JenniferJoas)

NEW HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT: As per the latest reports coming in from New Hartford, Connecticut, dozens of firefighter crews are battling a three-alarm fire at the historic multi-use building right in the center of New Hartford known as the "New Hartford House" on the morning of Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

According to dispatchers, they received a call about the fire in the multiple occupancy building on Bridge Street around 2.25 am. and authorities immediately sprung into action. 


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According to the latest report from NBC, some of the floors of the 16,000 square foot building have collapsed, firefighters said. Additionally, the extent of the damage caused by the fire is unknown at this time because firefighters cannot go inside until they are able to assess the safety of the building, they added.

A screenshot of the video capturing the "three-alarm fire" (Twitter/ JenniferJoas)

As per the officials, the three-storey building was built in 1850 and has 14 apartments and six businesses in it. Crews from 29 departments are fighting the fire, authorities added, with over 100 firefighters currently at the scene. "Well it’s a little different from a city response, when we strike third-alarms, it's mainly to bring in extra man power, and for this incident more tankers," Regional Public Information Officer John Barbagallo said.

According to Barbagallo, many of the people who were inside the building escaped wearing little clothing. "They've lost everything so it's not going to be a good morning for them," he said. The American Red Cross is assisting the tenants. He added that state police are working to gather a list of tenants in the building to make sure everyone is okay. An NBC reporter on the scene tweeted about the developing situation saying, "Two floors on the back side of the New Hartford House collapsed. 3 firefighters were taken to the hospital"


Three ambulances are on standby at the scene, dispatchers said. Additionally, a few firefighters have been checked out for smoke inhalation, officials at the scene added. Barbagallo said that right now, the two biggest concerns besides the building on fire is the town hall to the left and more buildings to the right. The fire has not spread at this time, he added. The latest local reports say that at this time, Route 219 and Route 44 are closed in the area. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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