Netflix’s ‘The Nurse’ Ending Explained: Christina is behind bars but Pernille pays the ultimate price

Netflix’s ‘The Nurse’ Ending Explained: Christina is behind bars but Pernille pays the ultimate price
Fanny Louise Bernth plays Pernille Kurzmann Larsen in 'The Nurse' who suspects her co-worker of killing patients (YouTube/@Netflix)

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: Netflix’s ‘The Nurse’, despite all its promises of a scintillating dive into the life of one of the most notorious killers in Denmark, fails to make a lasting impression. The limited series is not meaty enough for viewers to chew and talk about it once it’s done. It rather leaves us with a sour taste which could have been a lot better if there was enough time to absorb the source material of the book from which the show is adapted.  

The final episode is a thriller that invites a lot of things to transpire in one night. Pernille is fighting hard to keep Christina’s killing habits at bay, all while Christina is finding ways to wreak havoc in the emergency ward of the hospital. The fourth and final episode is the only episode that stands and delivers. The remaining episodes feel rushed without exploring the psyche of Denmark’s most dangerous ‘patient killer.’ 


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Fanny Louise Bernth & Josephine Park in 'The Nurse' (YouTube/Netflix)
Fanny Louise Bernth & Josephine Park in 'The Nurse' (YouTube/Netflix)


‘The Nurse’ Ending Explained 

‘The Nurse’ could have been an intense character study but unfortunately, it turned out to be a loose story about a potential serial killing nurse that went above and beyond to kill her patients. The biggest reason for her to do such a gruesome thing is only that she wants to run in and save the day by performing her duties as a nurse, before poisoning her patients.

Christina Hansen continued her deeds of killing but in the end, she fell to the cleverness of a young nurse named Pernille who was earlier suspicious but later knew that Christina was behind all the killings of the patients at the hospital. The first three episodes were an exposition, learning about Christina’s deeds while in the last episode, Pernille fought hard to garner evidence against Christina. She was lucky enough to catch Christina injecting a lethal dose of diazepam to a patient and then eventually getting an informal confession from Christina who wanted to rid herself of all the guilt of killing patients. Even though Christina confessed her innocence before the police authorities, it was a little too late because Pernille had all the evidence she needed to put Christina away for a long time. Christina went to prison to serve a sentence of 12 years while Pernille returned to the hospital as a nurse.


Who really won between Christina and Pernille?

Pernille might have put the bad guy away by turning in Christina, but she paid a heavy price for her actions. The nurses in the hospital now see Pernille as a threat who can easily turn against them and make them accountable for stuff that they didn’t do. Pernille did pay a heavy price for the future of many patients who could have been on the wrong side of the rainbow if Christina was still walking the alleys of the emergency ward in the hospital. 

The Nurse is available to stream on Netflix

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 Netflix’s ‘The Nurse’ Ending Explained: Christina behind bars but Pernille pays the ultimate price