Netflix 'Virgin River' Season 3: Who framed Dan Brady? All clues point to 2 suspects

Viewers still don't have a surefire answer as to who shot Jack Sheridan

                            Netflix 'Virgin River' Season 3: Who framed Dan Brady? All clues point to 2 suspects
Marco Grazzini as Mike Valenzuela and Ben Hollingsworth as Dan Brady in 'Virgin River' Season 3 (Netflix)

Spoilers ahead for 'Virgin River' Season 3

What started as a soapy drama with captivating romances has evolved into a crime-thriller of sorts. 'Virgin River' Season 3 left us with burning questions when Mike Valenzuela (Marco Grazzini) and his police force searched Dan Brady's house only to find a Glock 26, the same gun Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) was shot with. Along with Brie Sheridan (Zibby Allen), we are somewhat convinced that Brady is not the guilty party and there's a good chance he was framed. 

While we try and give you a lowdown about the suspects, let's take a quick look at the romantic drama shows you can binge on the side. 'Alexa & Katie', 'Atypical', 'Never Have I Ever', and 'Ginny & Georgia'.


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Who framed Dan Brady?

Assuming he was telling the truth while his rights were being read to him during the arrest, we speculate that it could either be LAPD officer Mike or drug kingpin Calvin (David Cubitt). Prior to the arrest, Dan met Calvin when he made his intentions of leaving the gang clear. Miffed with his decision, Calvin indirectly pointed out that his exiting the group will come with consequences. He gave enough and more hints on how Dan could go to prison for attempted murder. 


With Mike, the story is different. On the surface, it may seem like he's avenging the wrong done to his army buddy Jack. However, if we go by Robyn Carr's novels, which the series is based on, Mike is more connected to Jack and his family than we think. The Express noted that in the books, Brie and Mike develop a romantic relationship.


Even though Brie and Dan seemed like they could be at the start of a serious relationship, there appeared to be a disconnect following Dan's arrest. With Dan in custody, Mike has a good shot at swooping in and being the knight in shining armor. Which makes us speculate if Mike was the one who planted the gun in Dan's car and pushed him out of the picture? Let's hope the next season has some answers. 

'Virgin River' has reportedly been renewed for Season 4 and the filming will begin by end of July 2021. Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.