'Atypical' Season 4 Review: Sam's dream is not heartwarming but the cast certainly is

Season 4 of 'Atypical' is the last season of the show

                            'Atypical' Season 4 Review: Sam's dream is not heartwarming but the cast certainly is
Keir Gilchrist stars as Sam Gardner on 'Atypical' (Netflix)

'Atypical' Season 4 in its final season focuses on how nineteen-year-old Sam Gardner (Keir Gilchrist), who is on the autism spectrum, finally allows himself to dream big. It's an important rite of passage for any young adult, but even more for a teenager on the spectrum who has had a set of unique challenges to face. Sam had never even allowed himself to think of plans beyond college because he never thought he'd get so far. But he now has the confidence to pursue his passion.

It's a pity though that unless you're a fan of penguins or all things Antarctica-related, that Sam's dream after a point can leave you a little cold. But, his family and friends' attempts to help him realize his dream, even if they all think it's a bit unrealistic, is heartwarming, nevertheless. If shows like 'Atypical' appeal to you then you should also enjoy shows like 'Love on the Spectrum'. 


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Keir Gilchrist stars as Sam Gardner (Netflix)

What does help to heat things up however is the chemistry between Casey, Sam's sister (Brigette Lundy Paine), and Izzie Taylor (Fivel Stewart). The two provide plenty of teen angst as Casey grapples with her sexuality and Izzie grapples with her difficult childhood and a seemingly impossible relationship with her mother, which spills over into their relationship as well. But fans can't get enough of these two. One fan tweeted, with tongue firmly in cheek, "i watched atypical season 4 for the plot: the plot: #Atypical"


Others agreed with another fan tweeting, "the amount of cazzie moments we've got this season. i'm so in love #Atypical"



While 'Atypical' may be coming to an end, not surprisingly fans have already started clamoring for an Izzie and Casey spin-off. One fan tweeted, "i need a cazzie spin off show #Atypical"



Brigette Lundy Paine as always is a joy to watch on screen and reminds us of the young pre-superstar phase of Keira Knightley. The rest of the supporting cast also is pitch-perfect and in this season Michael Rapaport who plays Doug Gardner Sam and Casey's father truly tugs at the heartstrings as he helps his children navigate the late teens into twenties even while grappling with his own grief at losing his best friend.

Providing much-needed comic relief to the intensity that the show can sometimes bring, is the delightful Nik Dodani as Zahid Sam's best friend and the overly perky Paige played by Jenna Boyd who plays Sam's girlfriend who is rather vociferous about what she feels is Sam's ridiculous dream. Somehow though rather than coming across as unlikeable, one just gets the feeling that Paige is just saying what everyone else is thinking in a misguided attempt to help the boy she loves. To get a little bit of an ugly cry going while reassessing just how big you allow yourself to dream, catch the last and final season of 'Atypical' which began streaming on July 9 on Netflix.

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