'Alexa & Katie' Season 3 Part 2 Review: Two BFFs who grew stronger with every problem, be it cancer or anxiety

The final season sees the BFFs go their separate ways in college but not before giving you all the feels

                            'Alexa & Katie' Season 3 Part 2 Review: Two BFFs who grew stronger with every problem, be it cancer or anxiety

'Alexa & Katie' ran for a good three seasons on Netflix. Season 3 was divided into two parts, Part 1 was out last year and today (June 13) marks the release of Part 2, the final one from the series. Throughout the series, we've seen the titular characters who have been best friends since forever walk through life together. With cancer as its central premise, the show began with the girls beginning high school together.

In its pilot episode, Alexa was seen having a hard time hiding her cancer from classmates as her hair begins to fall out. It was at that time that we saw Katie standing rock steady next to her and even shaving her hair off in support. The show saw their already strong bond grow from strength to strength across seasons, often leaving viewers with a feeling to connect with their best friends.

Like previous seasons, the final installment of the series has a copious dose of their amazing friendship, and this time it was Alexa who was standing beside Katie. She helped the latter see that acting brings her joy and even though they had previously decided to go to the University of North Carolina, she wanted Katie to apply for the acting program at NYU.

Paris Berelc and Isabel May play the characters of Alexa and Katie with a lot of conviction and the pair will go down in history as one of the most memorable friendships in TV history, matching the likes of Chelsea and Raven ('That's So Raven'), Lily and Miley ('Hannah Montana'), Lizzie and Miranda ('Lizzie McGuire') and the iconic Lane and Rory ('Gilmore Girls').

This season also deserves extra props for bringing up the topic of cancer survivors and their treatment in society. Alexa's anger at her boyfriend Spencer for allowing people to look past his talents and referring to him as a "cancer guy" was a wake-up call of sorts. What one could learn from this is there's a fine line between sensitivity and sympathy and one should keep that in mind while dealing with friends, family members and acquaintances that have battled cancer. 

The season was a fitting end for all characters on the show. Katie's mom Jenifer had a new job and found an amazing boyfriend, Joe. Her brother Jack now had a phone and was living his best tween life. Alexa's parents Lori (Tiffani Thiessen) and Dave (Eddie Shin) too are in a good place with their daughter off to college and their somewhat silly son Lucas (Emery Kelly) discovering his passion for music.

Dave's obsession with a smoked brisket is something that needs a special mention and those were some of the most hilarious moments of this season. Another special mention for Alexa and Spencer (Gunner Burkhardt) and Katie and Aiden's (Barrett Carnahan) relationship. It'll surely warm your heart. 

The final moments of the last season are difficult to watch without wanting to cry into your pillow as the best friends go their separate ways to college and a montage of all their moments from across all the seasons play on screen. They later reunite when they return home for the Thanksgiving break and Alexa's voiceover saying she's lucky to have found her Katie will only want you to hug your best friend a little tighter the next time you see them. The final season can be summed up as funny, emotional, hopeful, and inspirational. All the seasons of 'Alexa & Katie' are now streaming on Netflix. 

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