'Ginny & Georgia': Who will Ginny and Georgia end up with? Here's the spicy love life at the end of Season 1

'Ginny & Georgia': Who will Ginny and Georgia end up with? Here's the spicy love life at the end of Season 1
'Ginny and Georgia' stars Brianne Howey and Scott Porter (Netflix)

What’s worse than getting no attention? Getting too much of it, as Ginny and Georgia can certainly attest to in Season 1 of 'Ginny and Georgia' Netflix's mother-daughter dramedy, which follows stunning thirty-year-old Georgia and her sixteen-year-old daughter Ginny.

Georgia (Brianne Howey) who is always impeccably turned out has been dealing with plenty of attention over the years, much of it unwanted, which forms a large part of the plot of 'Ginny and Georgia'. But for sixteen-year-old Ginny (Antonia Gentry) being the object of affection of two handsome but rather different young men is emotionally overwhelming, to say the least.

Georgia and Ginny both find themselves in complicated romantic entanglements over Season 1 and with so many options to choose from who will Ginny and Georgia finally end up with? Let's introduce you to the contenders for Ginny and Georgia's hearts.


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'Ginny and Georgia' stars Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry (Netflix)

'Ginny and Georgia' begins with Georgia and her two kids moving to the upscale town of Wellsbury where Georgia immediately sets her sights on the town's mayor Paul Randolph. But while initially, she’s simply trying to manipulate yet another powerful man, she finds herself falling in love with him. Ginny and Paul's feelings for each other deepen even though she begins to work with him.

But as we see through the series, love has never been simple for Georgia.

'Ginny & Georgia' (Netflix)

Ginny's father Zion comes to town and would like to try his hand at making their family work once again. Ginny likes Paul and says she has never seen her mother happier but jumps at the possibility that her dad will be around all the time.

Georgia and Zion sleep together which she confesses to Paul but Paul tells Georgia that Zion is simply her past, he is her future. Paul then proposes to Georgia saying he bought a ring after their very first date. Zion realizes he is simply getting in Georgia's way and decides to let her have a real shot at a relationship with Paul. This hurts Ginny tremendously who had her heart set on a home in which her mother and father both lived.

'Ginny & Georgia' (Netflix)

And if that wasn’t enough admirers for Georgia, Joe who runs 'Blue Farm' cafe in Wellsbury also has a crush on Georgia. Even though he has plenty of competition, you can’t help rooting for him especially because a flashback seems to suggest that Joe and Georgia in an unlikely turn of events, had crossed paths when they were teenagers.

Joe is about to tell Georgia that they had in fact met when they were younger, but just then he finds out that Paul has proposed so he keeps his feelings to himself.

'Ginny and Georgia' stars Brianne Howey and Raymond Ablack (Netflix)

Now onto Ginny. Ginny morphs from a reclusive teenager at the start of the series to the belle of the ball. Her boyfriend Hunter Chen is textbook perfect but Ginny is still drawn to her brooding neighbor Marcus who also happens to be her best friend's brother. Marcus is right for all the wrong reasons even though he clearly struggles with a lot of emotional issues after the death of his best friend.

Marcus and Ginny try to be just friends, but when Marcus gets into a motorcycle accident after an altercation with Ginny she realizes how much he means to her. Ginny may be confused, but she's at least clear she's confused and realizes that she loves both Marcus and Hunter.

'Ginny and Georgia' stars Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry (Netflix)

So just who do Ginny and Georgia finally end up with at the end of Season 1?

Well, for Georgia, it seems like she's finally found her happily ever after with Paul who is re-elected with Georgia's help. But even while Georgia's standing on stage at the victory rally with Paul at the end of Season One, little does Georgia know that her kids Ginny and Austin have run away from home, after disturbing details of their mother's past come to light. Also, Ginny's colleague at the mayor's office seems to have understood that Georgia has also been embezzling funds from the mayor's office. So yes, it looks like this happily ever after, is not going to last too long after all. 

'Ginny & Georgia' (Netflix)

As for Ginny, at the end of Season 1, we see her best friend Maxine shunning her for being sexually involved with her brother Marcus. Ginny's boyfriend Hunter also gets to know that Ginny cheated on him with Marcus. Marcus even though he says he loves Ginny, tells his sister and their friends that what happened between him and Ginny was a mistake.

Ginny who has been torn over her feelings for both Hunter and Marcus is devastated, especially when her friends choose to abandon her for her so-called betrayal. However, all these matters of the heart cease to be relevant to Ginny, when she realizes that Georgia could quite possibly have murdered her stepfather and also had his ashes dug up. She then decides to do what her mother has done all these years and runs away with her nine-year-old stepbrother Austin.

'Ginny & Georgia' (Netflix)

Just as she's about to leave she meets Marcus and tells him that all is fine between them. But it's clear that for Ginny, not only the chapter of her love life but her life is over. 

So there you have the relationship timeline of Ginny and Georgia in Season 1. What will Season 2 hold for the most important relationship of all, that of mother and daughter? We can't wait!

Catch all ten episodes from Season 1 of 'Ginny and Georgia' on Netflix after it premieres on February 24, 2021.

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