‘Single’s Inferno’: How Netflix star Song Jia aka FreeZia ALMOST became a K-pop idol

‘Single’s Inferno’: How Netflix star Song Jia aka FreeZia ALMOST became a K-pop idol
Fans have constantly been asking Jia about her entry into the K-pop industry since she has the looks of an idol (@dear.zia, @jennierubyjane/Instagram, @IVEstarship/Twitter)

Netflix’s new Korean dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’ has gone global with the cast members now reaching new heights of fame. The reality show already had a star-studded cast that included K-pop dancer Cha Hyunseung, ex-K-pop idol Kang Soyeon, actor Choi Si-hun, and influencer Song Jia aka FreeZia. However, Jia caught everyone’s eye for her looks as many compared her to Blackpink’s Jennie and IVE’s Wonyoung.


But before she joined ‘Single’s Inferno’, Song Jia was already famous for her YouTube channel FreeZia. The influencer boasted a following of more than a million YouTube subscribers and 2 million Instagram subscribers. Even before her stint on the popular Netflix dating show, she was sponsored by huge brands and sported looks by Prada and Chanel. She covers almost everything on her YouTube channel from makeup, and fitness, to travelogues, mukbangs, and lifestyle content.

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FreeZia aka Song Jia has gone viral for her doll-like visuals (@dear.zia/Instagram)

Song Jia aka FreeZia talks about debuting as a K-pop idol

And with her doll-like features, fans wondered if Jia would be interested in becoming a K-pop idol. Well, she did a Q&A on FreeZia, her YouTube channel to celebrate her hitting 1 million YouTube subscribers where she spilled the beans on ‘Single’s Inferno’ and her personal life. Unlike many dating shows, she confessed that ‘Single’s Inferno’ was not scripted since the cast members were not actors and so could not have followed a script in a way that would have looked realistic. She also talked about entering the K-pop industry.

Jia explained that she was someone who has always been open-minded and is ready to grab any opportunities that come her way. But having said that, it looks like she is not interested in becoming a K-pop idol. She revealed that she had been recruited by K-pop agencies numerous times, “I’ve been recruited to become an idol many times.” Responding to the fan who asked her about being an idol, she said that she rejected the offers because she doesn’t like singing. Jia shared, “I didn't want to do it. I have a personality that does everything I want to but I don't think singing and dancing is for me." 

Watch the Q&A below:



With the Netflix show still being talked about even after it ended, we have had the cast and crew revealing tidbits. The 'Single's Inferno' producers hinted that some of the couples made on the show might still be together like Oh Jin-taek and Soyeon, and An Yeawon and Hyunseung. Fitness trainer and model Kim Hyun-joong who also turned heads for his adorable chemistry and pairing with Jia also shared that the cast members also still keep in touch. He too confirmed Jia's statement that the show was not scripted and they also slept in the modest tents of the 'Inferno' island.


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