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Who is Tempest? Yuehua Entertainment to launch new boy group in February

Yehua Entertainment has announced the debut of their upcoming seven-member boy group Tempest which will debut on February 21, 2022
Yuehua Entertainment's K-pop boy group Tempest will be debuting soon (@TPST__official/Twitter)
Yuehua Entertainment's K-pop boy group Tempest will be debuting soon (@TPST__official/Twitter)

With K-pop taking over the world bit by bit, there is a need for more warriors to represent the genre of K-pop. Yehua Entertainment is doing just that as they have announced the debut of another upcoming boy group. The label is known for managing multiple Chinese as well as South Korean artists like UNIQ, WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls), the girl group Everglow and now the new boy group Tempest.

Now that their date of debut is approaching, the group Tempest has dropped a full-fledged debut countdown by releasing teasers hinting at the upcoming debut. The seven-member pre-debut boy group will make their debut on February 21 with their debut album that is to be revealed. A lot of chatter is surrounding around the fact that a rookie boy group will be making their debut with an album instead of the usual single album like most K-pop groups.


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Yehua Entertainment's new boy group Tempest

The promotion schedule from Yehua Entertainment revealed that Tempest is going to tease their debut with sketch film titled ‘Who Am I?’, followed by an album mood spoiler poster as well as concept photos, a visual clip and their official music video teaser. Not only that, Tempest has announced that they are going to drop a tracklist, a highlight medley, as well as a lyric moving poster.


Ahead of the release of the album, Yehua entertainment has started officially revealing the members of Tempest. The first two members to be revealed were Hwarang and Eunchan. Hwarang caught the eye of many fans, all thanks to his gorgeous blonde hair and his strong and sharp eyes. As the question "Who Am I" popped up on the screen, the phrase, "Freedom it’s me" gave an inside to his free-spirited energy that will radiate to fans after his debut.


The teaser also revealed Eunchan who was seen standing on a piano painted, while his unique look and aura transpired to the fans who watched close-up shots of him filling up the screen. After being prodded by the question "Who Am I", the phrase "Classic it’s me" knocked on the hearts of global K-pop fans. There are five more members of Tempest that will be revealed in the days to come.


Yehua Entertainment has released that Tempest will consist of members Hanbin, who is regularly viral on Twitter, Hyeongseop, Bonhyuk, Euiwoong, and Taerae alongside Hwarang and Eunchan. Tempest will be the first boy group to debut from Yuehua Entertainment for the first time in about three years since the debut of Everglow. The name of the group Tempest means a ‘strong storm’ and relays the message that the group will sweep the music industry with its bright energy and powerful performances.


Who are Tempest Members?


He was born in Vietnam and is part of the dance group CAC with the stage name Hung Bin. He was a contestant on I-Land and ranked 12th in Episode 7 of the show before being eliminated in Episode 11. 



He was born in Incheon, South Korea and was a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2, ranking at Number 16. He initially made his debut with his bandmate Lew as a duo 'Hyeongseop x Euiwoong' in November 2017 before finally disbanding in August 2021. He also made his acting debut with the Naver TV web drama 'Mischievous Detectives' in 2017.



He was born in South Korea and had already passed the first round of auditions for labels like FNC Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and Big Hit Entertainment (later known as HYBE) before making his debut with Yehua Entertainment.


Lew (Euiwoong)

Born in Incheon, South Korea, Lew was also a contestant on Produce 101's Season 2 and ranked at Number 23. He starred in the show 'Hello Counselor' in 2016 and made a cameo on the show 'Problematic Man' in 2019. He was a part of a duo with Hyeongseop before they disbanded in 2021.



He is Korean and specializes in urban and idol dancing as well as composition and choreography. He appeared on the variety show 'Under Nineteen' and ranked at Number 32 on the show. He trained with DSP Media for six out of his eight trainee years alongside Mirae members.



He was born in Anyang, South Korea, and graduated from the Department of Fashion Modeling in 2020 from Hanlim Multi Arts School. 



He is also Korean. More is yet to be revealed about Taerae as the teasers for the some members of Tempest are yet to be revealed.