Freezia: ‘Single's Inferno’ star to appear on Korean variety shows after Netflix stint

YouTuber Freezia will appear on shows ‘Knowing Bros’ and ‘The Manager’

                            Freezia: ‘Single's Inferno’ star to appear on Korean variety shows after Netflix stint
'Single's Inferno' star Freezia will be accompanied by actress Kang Ye-won on her variety show appearances (@dear.zia, @kangyewon0315/Instagram)

After making heads turn with her appearance on the Netflix variety show ‘Single’s Inferno’, YouTuber Freezia (Song Ji-ah) is soon going to appear on various variety shows. Earlier, it was announced that Freezia is going to make a special appearance on the MBC variety show ‘Knowing Bros’ and now, it has been revealed that the star will make an appearance on another variety show with actress Kang Ye-won who will accompany her as Freezia’s manager.

On January 11, it was revealed that actress Kang Ye-won, who is currently starring in the JTBC K-drama ‘Only One Person’ as Kang Se-yeon, will make a special appearance on the variety show as Freezia’s manager and reveal her secrets on the show. J Wide Company, the label that manages Kang Ye-won, revealed that Freezia has joined a new label related to influencers led by Kang Ye-won herself.


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Freezia will be managed by Kang Ye-won

Now that after her stint on Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ has boosted YouTuber Freezia’s social media following tenfold, the influencer is going to appear on a lot more variety shows. It was reported that Freezia now has more than 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, while her Instagram account has skyrocketed to 2.5 million followers from her initial 470K followers record.

With the social media boost that Freezia is now seeing, actress Kang Ye-won will appear on the MBC variety talk show, ‘The Manager’ also known as ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ as Freezia’s manager. The show ‘The Manager’ (called Omniscient Interfering View) is an observational entertainment show from MBC that uses documentary-style techniques to observe the lives of the cast members and their managers.

YouTuber Freezia to appear on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’

It was also revealed that with the boost in popularity that Song Ji-ah (Freezia) is now seeing, she has been approached to appear on another long-running variety show. On January 11, it was reported that Freezia will appear on JTBC's entertainment program ‘Knowing Bros’ along with Lee Young-ji and Kang Ye-won. This will mark the second show in which Freezia and Kang Ye-won are set to appear together. It has been reported that the recording for Freezia’s appearance on ‘Knowing Bros’ is scheduled for January 13, while the episode will broadcast later in January 2022.

Freezia appeared on Netflix's dating reality show ‘Single’s Inferno’, also literally translated from Korean as ‘Solo Hell’, where nine singles, five male and four female influencers were trapped on a primitive island where they had to fight for basic amenities while establishing a connection with other singles. Once a couple of singles clicked with one another, the two would be sent to a resort called ‘Paradise’. The show was broadcast on Netflix with a total of eight episodes.

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