Why Single's Inferno's FreeZia aka Song Jia wearing fake designer outfits is a scandal

Why Single's Inferno's FreeZia aka Song Jia wearing fake designer outfits is a scandal
FreeZia aka Song Jia's company claims that she did not know the items were fake (@dear.zia/Instagram)

The world’s most recent favorite reality star and influencer happened to be FreeZia aka Song Jia after she appeared on Netflix Korea’s first dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’. With her idol-like visuals, charming personality and fashionable outfits, she stole hearts. But recently, she has been embroiled in a scandal as South Koreans have angrily revealed that she has been wearing fake designer outfits. However, international fans cannot seem to understand why it’s a big deal.

Many international ‘Single’s Inferno’ fans shared that if Song Jia wants to wear fake brands let her and Knetizens were just jealous of her confidence and visuals. However, the scandal has erupted to a point that she has even been partially edited out of her latest Korean TV show gigs – ‘Knowing Bros’ and ‘Omniscient Interfering View’. Following the confusion, many Korean industry insiders have taken it upon themselves to explain to international fans why FreeZia’s case of harmless fake designer outfits is a huge scandal in South Korea.

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Jia wearing an allegedly fake Chanel on 'Single's Inferno' (@dear.zia/Instagram)

FreeZia wears fake designer products on 'Single's Inferno'

It should be noted that purchasing counterfeit items and supporting the counterfeit business is illegal in the first place. Secondly, many are embarrassed that a celebrity like Jia wore fake Chanel, Dior and Versace on an international platform like Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ which would embarrass South Korea in the public’s eye. She has also allegedly passed off fake products like Chanel bags and slippers as real on her 1.9 million-follower YouTube account FreeZia. While in her apology she said that she was sorry and would self-reflect, her company’s apology has made the scandal worse. They first deleted her Instagram posts and videos where she wore fake products.



Her company, Hyowon CNC then stated that they felt bad for Jia since she did not make “the fake items look real with ill-intentions.” Furthermore, they added that she bought the fake items on street stalls and online shops because she thought they were pretty and did not know that they were fake. Knetizens are not buying this explanation since FreeZia has often shown an interest in fashion and has even wanted to start her own brand. Reporter Lee Jin-ho also claims that Knetizens are angry because they feel Jia wore the fake designer products because she thought she could fool viewers.


Knetizens angered

He explains that there are ‘S-level’ and ‘A-level’ counterfeit products which are so close to the real branded products that a person will not be able to tell it’s fake unless they observe it in person and closely and not through the screen. He shares that since Jia’s knock-offs are not even of these two levels but even lower, she must have worn it on the show because she thought she wouldn’t get caught.


Jia has now deleted all of her Instagram posts and YouTube videos apologizing for a second time (@dear.zia/Instagram)

Hence, one of the reasons for the scandal is that Knetizens think Jia underestimated them and thought ‘too lowly’ of them so that they wouldn’t be able to differentiate between real and fake products. Even international fans are now finding the situation hilariously disrespectful since her latest post admits that she sported a fake Dior bag while being sponsored for a Dior perfume.


'Playing with fire'

One international user tweeted, “Ewww that's next level disrespect for the very product that she is endorsing.” Another fan added, “Love my confident queen but a replica of the brand sponsoring you? naurrrr.” One user posted, “Girl you are playing with fire how can you sponsor the brand and use a fake on the same post.”







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