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Netflix 'Single's Inferno': Dancer Cha Hyun-seung to make acting debut after dating show

After gaining fame due to his appearance on the Netflix show, Hyun-seung will charm fans as an actor
'Single's Inferno' hottie Cha Hyun-seung will soon make his acting debut (@502bright/Instagram)
'Single's Inferno' hottie Cha Hyun-seung will soon make his acting debut (@502bright/Instagram)

Netflix dating show 'Single's Inferno' is now being considered a boon for some while a curse for other contestants. The variety show ended at the beginning of January, but contestants from the show are still reaping the benefits, or in some cases facing the brunt of the popularity of the show. One of the most talked-about contestants, Song Ji-ah (Song Ji-a) also known as FreeZia, had her fair share of love interests on ‘Single’s Inferno’, and Cha Hyunseung was one of the three men on the show that took interest in her.

The show ended with FreeZia’s rejection of Cha Hyun Seung (Cha Hyunseung) in the final episode of the show as she decided to enter into Paradise with another contestant, Kim Hyunjoong. But fate had better things in plan for Hyunseung. The dancer, who initially shot to fame for his skills as Sunmi’s backup dancer, is now gaining a lot of attention for his good looks and physique as he will appear on the February issue of Men’s Health Korea.


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Dancer Cha Hyunseung appears on Men’s Health Korea

Due to his fit physique, Cha Hyunseung caught the attention of K-pop fans with his appearance as a backup dancer with K-pop idol Sunmi. After he was betrayed by Song Ji-a (FreeZia) on the Netflix show, fans began to sympathize with him and he suddenly gained a boost in his fandom. With his growing popularity, Cha Hyunseung is now going to appear on the cover of Men’s Health Korea magazine in February of 2022.

On January 27, Men's Health Korea officially released the cover of the upcoming February issue of the magazine which features Cha Hyunseung. With the released photos, Men’s Health Korea also released a special interview with the K-pop dancer with more information about his thoughts before entering the dating show and how Sunmi helped him overcome his initial fears. 


Cha Hyunseung to make an acting debut

Cha Hyunseung's appearance on the Netflix dating show brought him a huge fandom that was charmed by his dance skills as well as his chiseled physique. With the attention still on him, Hyungseung has now announced that he is soon going to make his acting debut.

In the interview, Cha Hyunseung talked in detail about his future aspirations and goals but fans who wish to know more will have to wait for the release of Men’s Health Korea’s February issue to read the full interview.


Apart from being the backup dancer of Sunmi, Cha Hyunseung is also a backup dancer for TVXQ, while also working as a model.