'Money Heist': Moments that kept viewers on the edge of their seats

'Money Heist' has given fans a lot of moments that are enthralling and epic, let's take a look at those moments

                            'Money Heist': Moments that kept viewers on the edge of their seats
Nairobi (Alba Flores) was shot dead by Gandia in Season 4 of 'Money Heist' (Netflix)

Netflix has given a lot of amazing shows in recent years, but there were only a handful number of shows that managed to become a phenomenon. One of the shows that truly became a worldwide phenomenon was ‘Money Heist’. The Spanish series turned out to be extremely successful because of its epic action sequences and the way every heist was planned by the team and the Professor (Alvaro Morte).

No one ever thought that a show, which was canceled after just two seasons, would turn out to have such a massive following across the globe. When Netflix acquired the show in 2019, the show peaked at number 1 in more than 8 countries and went on to peak in important markets such as the UK, USA, India, and many more. This gave Netflix the idea to churn out more stories from that universe and Alex Pina, the creator of the show, did just that. Season 3 and 4 took the series to a whole new level and became one of the most-watched shows in the world.


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Apart from having a good storyline, the show has given numerous jaw-dropping moments during its run and now that the show is coming to end, it’s mandatory to go into the past and relive some of the most iconic moments from the show. Let’s dig deeper and take a look at thrilling moments of ‘Money Heist’.

A still from 'Money Heist' (Netflix)


Raquel is ALIVE 

One of the most devastating moments in Season 3 of ‘Money Heist’ was when Professor gets to know that the love of his life Raquel, aka Lisbon, has been assassinated. That was the first time we saw Professor crying out loud for someone who truly meant the world to him. But there was a twist in the tale and it was revealed that Raquel is not dead and instead, she has been taken into custody by police.

Tokyo got the information about the matter and she did not waste any time in telling Professor that Lisbon is not dead and is in the custody of the police. The calmness and emotions shown by Professor made fans calm and it was truly a moment to savor. 


Nairobi’s Death

If you tell me that you didn’t cry when Nairobi died, then you are lying.  When Nairobi was killed by Gandia, it seemed like everything came to a standstill and tears began rolling. The character’s death was sudden that no one expected such an important character to die in such a brutal way. The mind-boggling moment came in Season 4 when Nairobi (Alba Flores) turns around to face Gandia and suddenly a bullet goes through her forehead.

The series, which was going at an insane pace, suddenly slowed down and everyone watching that scene was unable to process what they saw. The scene sent shockwaves among fans and it took them a lot of time to come out of such a shocking moment.


Rio’s Rescue

Fans were at the edge of their seats when Rio was taken into police custody in Season 3. However, what happened next was the epitome of brutality. The hacker was brutally tortured by Alicia Sierra for the most part of that season. As fans, we felt really sad for him and wanted someone to do something. However, everything changes when Professor comes out with a video telling how unethically police have captured one of their men. He also reveals that Rio is being tortured by the police.

As soon as the video surfaces online, pressure is mounted on police to release Rio. He is given new clothes and released. The moment he reached the Bank of Spain, it was an epic moment and provided fans with a sigh of relief.


Berlin Sacrifices Himself for the team

Berlin is one of the most complex characters on the show and there’s a reason for that. When you see him, he looks like an imposing character who can manipulate anyone. But when it comes to saving himself from a situation, he might give up on you. During the course of ‘Money Heist’, we believe that Berlin is a disgraceful man who has molested a woman, manipulated people, and even went on to give up Tokyo to the police.

However, it all changes when we get to know the backstory of that character. It made everyone really emotional and those who hated him started to like him. But the respect went on to a whole new level when he sacrificed himself for the team. During Season 2, we saw Berlin being attacked by police and was stuck in a tunnel. Professor was telling him to go away as they are planning to blow the tunnel. Berlin refuses to go and orders Helsinki to blow the tunnel. The professor goes bonkers after hearing this. Berlin tells Professor, “I love you, little brother. Don’t Forget It.” He decided to sacrifice his life and die like a hero fighting till his last breath. 


It was a heartbreaking scene and gave us chills.

Introduction of ‘Bella Ciao’

Doing a robbery is intense and needs a lot of planning. The heist team never had any problems in that matter because Professor was always here to help them. But what happens when you have successfully accomplished what you wanted to? You’ll try to leave as soon as possible. However, this heist team is different and does everything differently.

While robbing the Royal Mint of Spain, Moscow was a hole inside one of the vaults as part of Professor’s escape plan. As soon as he finds a breakthrough in doing that, he gets really happy and starts singing ‘Bella Ciao’. Other members liked the sound of it and joined him in singing the song while celebrating the important breakthrough. 


It’s been 5 years since the song made a debut on the show and now it has become a cultural phenomenon. The song is used all over the world by the protestors who feel oppressed by the authorities of their respective authorities. 

'Money Heist' Season 5 Part 2 will be premiering exclusively on Netflix on Friday, December 3. 

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