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Netflix 'Grudge' Ending Explained: SHOCKING end makes the Turkish movie a must watch

Chief Inspector Harun is being haunted by his past, will he be able to get past it and come clean? See, how 'Grudge' ended
Yilmaz Erdogan as Chief Inspector Harun in 'Grudge' (Netflix)
Yilmaz Erdogan as Chief Inspector Harun in 'Grudge' (Netflix)

Netflix has worked really hard to take its platform to more than 190 countries and keeps on collaborating with local filmmakers by giving them a chance to showcase their talent on their streaming service. In recent times, the platform has come out with amazing international projects that have taken the world by storm.

Money Heist’, ‘Who Killed Sara?’ and ‘Forever Rich’ are some of the most-watched non-English language titles on the platform and the list keeps on expanding every other week. The latest entry to the list is a Turkish crime drama, titled ‘Grudge’. The movie revolves around Chief Inspector Harun (Yilmaz Erdogan), who has just received police of the year accolade for his amazing service. However, his life turns upside down when something from his past has come to haunt him.


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The Turkish movie is undoubtedly one of the best international projects on the streaming service and the biggest strength of the movie is its story. The film is fast-paced and never gives you a dull moment. As far as the story is concerned, Harun accidentally kills a cab driver who abducted him, and before he got killed, he said, “You (Harun) will get the punishment for what he did in the past.” So, what did Harun do? And can he solve the case before his secret gets out? Let’s see how ‘Grudge’ concluded.

A still from the Turkish movie 'Grudge' (Netflix)

‘Grudge’ Ending Explained: What did Harun do in the past?

After the taxi driver is killed by Harun, he tries everything to clear his name and never lets anyone know that it was him who killed the driver. But, everything changes when the cab driver is hanged by a crane at the top of a building and suddenly, the case becomes a media spectacle. Harun tries to stay clear and wants to solve the case. One of his juniors, Tuncay, finds a tie-pin in the cab while investigating and it turns out that it is the same accessory that was given to Harun by his colleagues as a gift.

On the other hand, Harun also tampers with the evidence and never lets anyone see the most important footage. Tuncay gets to know about him and tells him about it. Harun feels guilty about what he has done and was going to resign from his post. At that time, gets to know that the person behind all this is a woman named Gul (Duygu Sarasin).

Duygu Sarasin as Gul in 'Grudge' (Netflix)

Prior to that, Harun and his team also meet a man who was seen putting the cab driver’s body into a trunk. As Harun was trying to know who he was working for, the man attacks him and Harun shoots him in the leg. However, he could not manage to balance himself and dies after falling through the roof.

Coming back to the main suspect, Gul has opened a club named Maasha and they do drugs there. Shockingly, Gul walks into the police station and surrenders. While interrogation, she says she’ll only talk to Harun and that too in private. Gul admits that she was behind all this and reveals that she is the daughter of a man, who was convicted for a crime he never committed. Harun asks her about her brother and she says, he left after that day and couldn’t find him.

Gul gives Harun a chance to redeem himself and says that he would need to kill his best friend and colleague Sevat for her. Harun and Sevat were the police officers who jailed her father. After the interrogation, we get into a flashback where we see Harun telling Sevat (Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan) that the Gul’s father is not the man they are looking for. However, Sevat doesn’t agree and still says that he is the guy.

Yilmaz Erdogan (Harun) and Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan (Cevat) in 'Grudge' (Netflix)

Harun comes outside and tells Sevat that the girl is crazy and didn’t tell him anything. Sevat lets her go. Meanwhile, Yadigar checks about the girl and gets to know the reality of the case. Gul’s father ran a soup shop and there were some people who used to bully him. One day, they beat him up and it was found that they all get killed as someone added poison to their soup. They take the owner of the soup shop into custody and send him to jail. Meanwhile, the taxi driver Harun accidentally killed was one of the eyewitnesses in that case and the man Harun shot on the roof was an eyewitness. In the background, we see Harun finding Gul’s house and seeing three dates written on the map. Yadigar finds about what happened on those days and he gets to know that three police officers were murdered on those dates and all the police officers were working on that case in which Gul’s father was arrested.

Gul’s story ends by making a phone call to his brother and killing herself by taking excess drugs.

‘Grudge’ Ending Explained: Who is Gul’s brother?

Now, that’s when things get interesting. Yadigar finally finds out who is the brother and it is none other than TUNCAY (Cem Yigit Uzumoglu), who has been working as a police officer alongside Harun. A fight takes place between both of them and Tuncay kills him by putting a bullet through his chest. On the other hand, Gul also reveals that Tuncay is her brother before dying.

Harun gets a call from his son who says that Tuncay is here and he is taking me for a ride in his car. Harun tell Tuncay to not touch his son. He calls him to meet in a park.

In the process, Tuncay has forwarded the video of Harun killing the cab driver to everyone in the police department. As soon as they meet, Tuncay tells everything about what he has done. Police surround them from all sides and Harun surrenders. But he tells Tuncay that he can end the cycle of grudges and he does that by killing himself because he believes he has nothing to live for.

Cem Yigit Uzümoglu as Tuncay in 'Grudge' (Netflix)

A brilliant movie with such a thought-provoking end takes the viewers on a thrilling ride that will be remembered in the future as well.

‘Grudge’ is currently streaming on Netflix.