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'Forever Rich' Ending Explained: Here's how Richie finally gets back at his muggers

The final moments of the movie capture Richie as he is today, in a green room backstage, filled with flowers and love that keep pouring in
A still from 'Forever Rich' (Netflix)
A still from 'Forever Rich' (Netflix)

Contains spoilers for the movie 'Forever Rich'

'Forever Rich' is the first Dutch Netflix original film written by the Golden Calf award-winning duo — Shady El-Hamus and Jeroen Scholten van Aschat. The movie talks about Richie and his journey to becoming a star in the rap world. When an unfortunate and highly embarrassing encounter with thieves threatens to uproot his dreams and basically his entire career, Richie decides to risk everything to regain his fame and career as a rapper.

The film centers around Richie; the elite and extravagant life he lives, and what most people can only dream of. He is lost in the world of money and riches, and his friend Tony even mocks him saying the price of a new iPhone is like pocket money for Richie.


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One evening he is violently robbed by a group of teenagers and is mugged of his most prized possession — a 50k gold watch. When videos of Richie being beaten and humiliated by the gang go viral, his hard-earned reputation is shattered.

The movie picks up pace during the second half, when Richie musters up the courage to fight for what's rightly his, by all means possible. It is pretty evident that 'having it all' and then seeing it being taken away has royally messed with Richie's head. His only goal is to destroy the thieves who cost him his popularity, followers, his wife, Anna, and his child. 

Surprisingly enough, Richie gets what he wants — beautiful revenge. He tracks down the goons, nabs one in particular who is made to strip himself naked on live cam, in exchange for Richie's valuables — all on live cam. The final moments of the movie capture Richie as he is today, in a green room backstage, filled with flowers and love that keep pouring in, as if marveling at the man he has become.

A slight change in his expression may seem to convey the "what-if" side of things, as he gets lost in thought, eyes looking far ahead. Is he wondering what was to happen if things didn't go his way? Is he happy now that he has regained his fame and his wealth? The last couple of seconds are meant for the audience to wonder and reflect on just that.

'Forever Rich' is currently streaming on Netflix.