Eunbi becomes first IZ*ONE member to go solo, fans hope for mini-reunion with Minju and Yujin

Eunbi becomes first IZ*ONE member to go solo, fans hope for mini-reunion with Minju and Yujin
Mini reunion between Eunbi and former IZ*ONE members Minju and Yujin? (@silver_rain.__, @official_izone/Instagram)

With the fan-led crowdfunding project ‘Parallel Universe’ stating that there is no hope for IZ*ONE reuniting anytime soon, WIZ*ONEs were disheartened. The K-pop girl group had amassed a huge fan base from all over the world since their debut in 2018.  Unfortunately, as their contract ended in 2021, the group disbanded in April. Even with the collection of $2.6 million by fans, the girls’ agencies said that they will not be able to reunite.

The group consisted of 12 members. So, while fans cannot see them together anymore, they’re supporting them in their individual ventures. The girls have all signed with different agencies and are sharing their new projects with fans. But the first member to launch her solo career as a singer happens to be none other than the group’s leader Kwon Eunbi. Last month, during an interview with Esquire, she had let it slip that she was working on a solo album that would be out before the end of the year. And now we have a tentative date.

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Eunbi to go solo

Eunbi is under the label Woollim Entertainment, home to various K-pop acts like Infinite, Golden Child and Lovelyz. While Eunbi has been a part of several groups like Woolim Rookie, Ye-A and IZ*ONE, this will be the first time she will be going solo. Last year, we saw her write and produce songs for IZ*ONE like ‘Spaceship’ and ‘With*One’. So, fans have been wondering if she will also be making the songs for her solo debut album. But Woolim Entertainment has released other details.

The company confirmed on August 5 that Eunbi would be having a solo comeback. In fact, she is in the last stage of finishing the album and will release it by the end of the month. Expectations are high as fans and non-fans alike are waiting to see the charismatic leader of the 12-member group shine as a soloist. On the release of the news, Eunbi went on social media to thank her fans for their support. She also revealed that while she was nervous she was thankful for IZ*ONE’s members as they were cheering her. She also added that since Minju and Yujin will be interviewing her at music shows she feels relieved. 


Where are the rest of IZ*ONE

Yena is on several variety shows while Sakura and Wonyoung have been scouted by several brands as models. Chaeyeon on the other hand made news by joining her fourth survival show ‘Street Woman Fighter’. Like Sakura, Hyewon has also started a YouTube channel. We last saw Chaewon with Eunbi in Esquire and Singles magazine. Nako is part of the J-group HKT48 while Hitomi is part of AKB48. Minju and Yujin are MCs for MBC’s ‘Music Core’ and SBS’ Inkigayo respectively. Finally, Yuri released an OST for the K-drama ‘Monthly Magazine Home’ a month ago.

‘The tears’

WIZ*ONEs took to Twitter to show support as they tweeted, “Soloist eunbi is coming.” Another tweeted, “Eunbi will be the first izone member to debut after izone activities concluded so i hope all wizones do their best to support her and show her that we are still here ... and i hope the other members will see that too.” One tweeted, “Solo Eunbi so that means there’s this chance we would see our Eunbi with MC Minju and MC Yujin!! Hopefully we can see it happen.” Another tweeted, “Already imagining how if eunbi will be promoting on music shows, there’s a possibility of her getting interviewed by mc yujin and mc minju. the tears.”






Fans were also touched by Eunbi’s reaction to her solo news. One tweeted, “She keeps thanking us lets support eunbi solo!” Another tweeted, “Eunbi’s early morning monologue about how she feels going solo but how the members will always be with her in her heart it’s too early to cry ;-;.” One tweeted, “The way Eunbi said, “Im already nervous, but there is Minju in Music Core and Yujin in Inkigayo. So, it's okay. I feel relieved” AAAA MY HEART- EUNBI.”




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