Ateez song 'Wave' played 2nd day in a row at Tokyo Olympics, ATINYs trend ‘WE'RE GONNA WIN'

The trending hashtag 'WE'RE GONNA WIN' are lyrics from Ateez's song 'Win,' which was also played after South Korea's win in the women's volleyball match

                            Ateez song 'Wave' played 2nd day in a row at Tokyo Olympics, ATINYs trend ‘WE'RE GONNA WIN'
Ateez songs are played at the Olympics (@ateez_official_/Instagram)

The ongoing Tokyo Olympics is already a much-talked-about event. But it is also a big deal among K-pop fans. From artists performing at the Olympics in previous years to athletes being fans of K-pop artists, the Olympics is for everyone. In fact, several South Korean athletes have been given a shoutout by their favorite idols on social media. But Atinys are the ones who have much to celebrate since Ateez, a fourth-gen group, got their much-deserved recognition at the Olympics.

Previously, on July 28, Atiny Twitter was ablaze as they realised that at the Olympics matches, four of Ateez’s songs had been played. During the men’s volleyball games, the songs that had been played were - ‘Fireworks’, ‘Dreamers’, ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Wave’. Atinys even wondered if the DJ who was in charge was an Atiny himself since he had also used Ateez’s Japanese single ‘Dreamers' before on his Instagram Story. Ateez and the song had trended and charted everywhere and fans thought that would be it. But Ateez's tryst with the Olympics wasn't over.

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Ateez played 2nd day in a row

For the second day in a row, the Tokyo Olympics has featured Ateez’s songs. On July 29 which happens to be day six of the games, Atinys again had cause to celebrate. This time, during the women’s volleyball games, more songs were played from Ateez’s discography that had fans going crazy as they ended up trending ‘WE’RE GONNA WIN’ which is a line from Ateez’s song ‘Win’. It was the South Korea vs Dominican Republic’s match when the first Ateez song of the day was played. ‘Wave,’ which was played yesterday, was played today once again. Along with that, the energetic and pretty relatable song ‘Win’ was played twice when South Korea won the match. Additionally, the trap song ‘The Leaders’ and the lead single 'Answer' was played. It should be noted that both ‘Win’ and ‘The Leaders’ are B-side songs but their fierceness and vibe is perfect for intense events like an Olympics match. 

News of this achievement quickly reached Ateez's members. Several Atinys alerted Hongjoong who was excited over the news. He couldn’t believe that not just one song, but several of their hits had been played. He also suggested that it would be fun if the DJ played the song ‘Celebrate’ when South Korea won a match. Many fans also claimed that it’s not just the DJs who are fans but athletes who specifically requested Ateez for their victory song.


‘Morale booster’

One fan tweeted, “Imagine playing for your country and hearing a songs about being THE LEADERS and WINning during the match Morale booster.” Another tweeted, “The most satisfying thing about ATEEZ's music at the Olympic games is that atiny didn't ask for it. It was just people liking their music and using it for hyping the event. What a memorable moment!” One fan tweeted, “At this rate we'll probably get the entire discography before the closing ceremony.” Another tweeted, “WIN PLAYING AS IT SHOULD. THE OLYMPICS PLAYLIST THIS YEAR IS FILLED WITH TASTE.” One tweeted, "Hellooooo I just got back and they also played queen ANSWER?!"