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'Soojin innocent' trends as fans confront Cube over K-pop idol's (G)I-DLE exit

Soojin was embroiled in a bullying scandal which ended with her leaving her group (G)I-DLE
Soojin said she would continue to fight for the truth (@official_g_i_dle/Instagram)
Soojin said she would continue to fight for the truth (@official_g_i_dle/Instagram)

Earlier this year, fans saw a systematic attack on some K-pop idols as alleged victims accused them of being school bullies. In South Korea, bullying and school violence are not taken lightly and hence, trolls who allegedly have a vendetta against a celebrity often come up with false allegations as social media will immediately turn its back even before finding out the truth. (G)I-DLE’s Soojin too was involved in such a case.

Most of these bullying rumors were proved to be false as in the case of Seventeen’s Mingyu and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. Idols who were targeted were put on a hiatus as their company investigated the situation. The same applied to Soojin as she was forced to go on a hiatus on March 4, 2021. Many fans hoped that something was going on behind the scenes to prove her innocence, but her agency, Cube Entertainment, is known for not handling their artists too well.


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'Apologize to Soojin' trends amid bullying rumors: K-pop fans rally for (G)I-DLE star, dub her 'innocent'


Fans fight for Soojin

Cube has a very strict policy, and even in the slightest violation, they do not forgive the offense. When their former artists Hyuna and Dawn revealed that they were dating, Cube immediately terminated their contracts. And quite recently, it came to be known that CLC had been dismissed while a member, Elkie was not paid for her acting gigs which is why she left the group and the agency. And now, Soojin has left (G)I-DLE.

Fans have taken it upon themselves to fight for Soojin. They started a petition for her which currently has more than 166k signatures. They also took to Twitter to trend phrases like ‘Cube explain’ and ‘Soojin innocent’. The whole thing has irked fans as no light has been shed on the matter. Many explained that they are mad at Cube because the bullying accusations seem to be false. They brought back Soojin’s very first statement regarding the case.


She carefully addressed each event in the bullying case and showed several loopholes in the alleged victim’s statements. She accepted that she might have been wrong in some minor instances like an argument over the phone where she could have used kinder words. However, she denied all of the horrifying events of actual bullying. She said that she would continue to fight for the truth and so would Cube, but it looks like the agency has gone back on their word.

Fans also said that if even one of the incidents seems to be true, Soojin should be allowed to explain herself. And if she is wholly innocent, then making her leave (G)I-DLE is unfair. They also acknowledged that they know Cube’s policy and they will never re-sign her. They’re only fighting for Soojin so that she is allowed to voice her stance and clear her name if Cube isn’t doing so.

Fans start a petition for Soojin (


'I trust Soojin'

One fan tweeted, “The way I am beyond proud of her for this statement.” Another fan brought back a video that explained how all of the accusations seemed to be false, “Soojin deserves better than this.” Soojin was one of the most iconic idols with amazing stage presence and fans regret that she might not be able to perform ever again, “The beauty, confidence, and grace soojin exudes on stage will forever be etched in my heart, mind, and soul.” Others banded together and said that they would never give up on her, “I AM Soojin’s fan I MADE this clear that I don’t give up on Soojin I TRUST Soojin I BURN Cube.”