Is Blackpink's Lisa dropping a solo album? Blinks say she will 'break records' and 'rule the summer'

The Blackpink rapper's album is allegedly due to drop sometime before the group's new mini album

                            Is Blackpink's Lisa dropping a solo album? Blinks say she will 'break records' and 'rule the summer'
Lisa hints a solo album (@lalalalisa_m/ Instagram)

For all the Blackpink fans or Blinks out there, looks like there is reason to celebrate — a new mini-album by the group and a solo album by Lisa might just be on the horizon. While there was talk of the same sometime last month, when an insider from the agency revealed that there would be releases this year, there was no concrete evidence to support the same.

However, as per a recent image that's being circulated online, the agency's estimated plans places Lisa's solo album launch in June, while Blackpink's mini-album is scheduled for October 2020. 


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The maknae of the group, Lisa has always been a fan-favorite. Having successfully cracked the YG Entertainment Competition at 13, she ranked first and later became a trainee. Her formal training lasted for five years.

In 2016, she took on the role of the main dancer, lead rapper, a supporting vocalist of Blackpink, making her the first non-Korean YG Entertainment artist.


'Lisa Solo will break records'

Seeing that she is the lead dancer and rapper for the group, fans seem to have extremely high hopes for her new album. Blinks took to Twitter to voice their support towards the K-pop star. 

"Blackpink activities assumption: — lisa solo album in june — blackpink mini album in october" tweeted a fan, breaking down the image that revealed the details of the album. "Soooo our maknae will be a soloist in june???!!!!MOVE B***HES THE QUEEN IS HERE LISA SOLO IS ON THE WAY;!!!" tweeted an excited fan. "LISA SOLO She will break records mark that. #LS1OnJune" added another. "WAIT SOOO LISA SOLO IS THE RUMORED BLACKPINK SUMMER RELEASE??!!!!! A COLLAPSE OMGGGGG! SHE WILL RULE THE SUMMER WITH EASE," added another.

"LISA SOLO means we'll be seeing her god tier visuals in every scene , her amazing dance moves and lastly her good rare vocals this will be a smash hit !!" explained a stan, seeing that there are high hopes from her upcoming album. "LISA SOLO will break many records and win many awards. Mark my words!!  #LISA @BLACKPINK," tweeted another. "LISA SOLO JUNE? I'll be 100% believe that it is when teaser is up. I remember them delaying other members Solo I'll wait till it's really official. Let's just be ready lilies. #Lisa @BLACKPINK," added a skeptical fan, seeing that there is no official teaser yet. 















Some fans also expressed their concern regarding the marketing of the album. "Wait, LISA in June, and BP group back is October?? it is April already,still no promotion or any trailer for LISA, If it is true,YG is really sick !never give LISA enough attention and promotion!! and when in LISA SOLO , they even have to promotion Group......." tweeted a fan.

"Lmao they really expect a 1.4M sales from a mini album when lisa solo is going to happen too? Nah we plan that sales for lisa instead." Tweeted a fan as well pointing out that the sales assumptions would be higher for teh artist's solo album than predicted.  












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